A Gnome Named Gnorm


Adventure / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 4.4 10 1174

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Michelle Johnston as Stripper
Will Ryan as Gnorm
Pat Crawford Brown as Female Mourner
Mark Harelik as Detective Kaminsky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by X-the-Unknown 3 / 10

Stan Winston was marvelous at Makeup SFX, however...

This film is one of those that makes very clear an adage, which is pretty important in any line of work, and especially in film IMO -- "Know what you know, and know what you don't know." Stan Winston very clearly knew Makeup Special Effects, and he was a master in that field. He clearly did not know film directing ( nor shot coverage nor overseeing editing nor,... well, several other knowledge gaps in his tool chest pop out when one views this movie).

The puppetry and facial animatronics in this movie are very good, but it falls flat in almost every other department (although I think there MAY have been a decent script initially).

Hitchcock didn't sing in films, he knew better. The Coens don't act in films, they know better. Daniel Day-Lewis does not write screenplays, he brings the characters off of the page as a master actor. Stan Winston knew Makeup SFX at a master level, but did not know film directing.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 6 / 10

Pretty Harmless B-Movie Fun & Fluff

With a title like that, I expected a very dumb movie, but it wasn't bad.....actually decent. It's a harmless cop-fantasy film with police drama mixed in with some humor and special effects.

I found a lot more drama than humor, which surprised me, although there were a few funny lines by the "gnome," a special- effects creation of Stan Winston.

Despite a film filled with angry characters - cops and crooks - the language was pretty tame and the film moves well and zips by since it's only 84 minutes. Yes, the story is ludicrous and some of the dialog is B-movie, but it was pretty enjoyable.

Reviewed by jbassett-2 5 / 10

No it's gnot

Straight to the point, this movie is bad. I have trouble calling it even a B movie, and probably ranks at the C level. However, if you have an odd sense of humor, you will get a sick sense of satisfaction from this movie. I was grinning all the way through this movie, but a grimace was hiding just underneath. The funniest scene is when the gnome character insists that gnome is pronounced ga-nome. Still to this day, I find myself grinning whenever I think about the comment "no it's gnot", and say it whenever possible. My suggestion is to see this movie, but see it when you truly have nothing better to do, as it will rank somewhere between a complete waste of time, and the greatest experience ever (ok, not quite, but it was enjoyable). If you are expecting a serious film, look elsewhere, but for classic C film quality, look no further.

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