A Golden Christmas 3


Comedy / Family / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chiltonsjillfreeport 8 / 10

Best of the 'Golden' series by far

The high points in this one are solid, starting with the cast. With one exception, convincing performances all around. It's the best supporting cast I've seen in a Lifetime/Hallmark Christmas romance, from the female BFF to the older brother and the precocious tween niece.

There's plentiful good chemistry among them, with several laugh-aloud funny scenes.

The music was also above average, with extra points for skipping the most overused/annoying.

So far as shortcomings go, imo there are two biggies.

First, female lead Shantel VanSanten as Heather wasn't entirely awful, but pretty unconvincing at times. The writing is partly to blame-the character is so insubstantial I couldn't buy her as a director of any sort. She suffers by comparison to co-star Rob Mayes, who is head of the class among male actors in this genre.

Second, the plot was almost non-existent, even for a holiday romance. There were 4-count 'em 4!-montages, which is just lazy storytelling.

One side note: I accidentally DVRed the film twice due to the different titles; as 'Love for Christmas' on Lifetime and 'A Golden Christmas 3' on Ion. Ion sometimes listed it @ as LFC instead.

Under either title, the Ion version had an extra scene that was missing from the Lifetime version, and the 1st montage was roughly twice as long.

Reviewed by chrisstallworth 4 / 10

Got the Navy all wrong.

First of all, this is not about a Naval Officer. The man is a PO2, or Petty Officer Second Class. and he is also not as he claimed, a Navagation Specialist. He is a Operations Specialist. 2nd Class. OS2. Just had to get that part correct.

Reviewed by ClayandQuinnFan2010 10 / 10

A cute holiday romantic-com about hope, love and lost. I LOVED it!!!

A Golden Christmas 3 follows a free spirit threatr director, Heather Hartly played very well by the talented Shantel VanSanten. She has hopes to being a Broadway theatre director until her childhood sweetheart returns to town from the navel, Bobby also played very well by Rob Mayes. Rob Mayes is very handsome, I wouldn't be surprised if this movie makes him the next Hollywood hunk and he so much on screen charisma. Shantel VanSanten is very adorable in this role, my favorite scene in the movie with her when she was on the beach with her puppy, she was cute.

This romantic comedy is very cute, Rob Mayes & Shantel VanSanten both had fantastic chemistry together and you really believed they really loved each other. There is a scene where they really showed off their acting chops emotionally.

Nikki Deloach is downright adorable and hilarious as Julia. Her chem with Shantel was also very genuine. You could tell Julia really cared about Heather and wanted the best for her.

I highly recommend this movie. Think its way better than the first 2 golden Christmas movies. Plus the puppies are adorable. So if you like cute dogs, romantic comedies, holiday movies than check this out.

10/10 stars for me.

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