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Reviewed by Lackluster-Me 10 / 10

Long Live A-ha!

Legendary Norwegian band arrive at the big screen in this phenomenal documentary. It follows them and their whole career from kids in Oslo dreaming of music to now. I like to consider myself an a-ha fan, but I was surprised at how little I actually knew about the trio.

To fans, this is a must-watch. To people who aren't fans, I still would recommend this as a wonderful drama set to wonderful music. The story is told through interviews, vintage photos, concert clips, and more. It's a phenomenal movie and just go watch it for yourself. Chances are, even a-ha's biggest critics can still find something to enjoy here.

Reviewed by Sinbaddylad 10 / 10

Headlines & Deadlines, the pains of a-ha

A documentary made for the fans, with a strong nod to those who will seek out their catalogue after viewing. With a large nod to Ron Howard's Beatles doc, Thomas Robsahm has opened the a-ha box and has shown everyone the pains of when 3 of the most talented musicians ever, collide to make timeless classic pop music with 3 different directions.

What the non-fans will admire from the doc is the raw talent from an early age - Mags learning keyboards in just a few weeks - the record breaking crowds, the solo projects and how 3 close friends ultimately respect each other - even when not liking each other.

What the fans will see is a dark picture of pain, distrust, lack of empathy and a drive to be World Famous - but then deciding fame wasn't for them at all.

It's a very well put together timeline which intersperses with old and new footage, rehearsals, recordings and not a single interview of the band together. You'll love it.

Reviewed by dawnprobst 10 / 10

Cosy Prisons

A-ha: The Movie could have easily devolved into a tabloid-esque expose on the strife and egos of a band that has been in the limelight for more than 35 years. It never goes there. Yes, there is some strife, some disagreements, some resentment, but it's never the focus of the movie. Instead, it becomes a sympathetic psychological treatise on the effects of chronic fame on three individuals, a view unsullied by the usual tropes of debauchery and substance abuse. The result isn't a sudden implosion but a steadily dripping tap, slowly eroding the creative drive. The effects interfere with the physical health, the need to retain creative control, and the ability to find sanctuary in a sea of noise - a world full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Some of the stories are well-known, the stuff of legend among fans; some are less so, culminating in an extremely vulnerable moment shared (and for that, I thank him), painful to watch and obviously excruciating to experience. The movie ends not as a coda, but with an ellipsis, leaving open what may come, never attempting to speculate beyond asking each member the time-worn question: "Will there be another new album?"

  • Sincerely, an a-ha fan in the U. S. since 1985.

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