A Lawless Street



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Charles Williams as Mr. Willis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Yet another very good Western from Randolph Scott.

Randolph Scott made a ton of Westerns and you could almost always rely on them to be well-acted, intelligently written and a bit better than the genre. While this film certainly doesn't stand out among these many films, it certainly is good and worthwhile--particularly if you've become a Randolph Scott fan like me.

I liked how this film didn't deny that Scott was getting older. He plays a sheriff with a fast gun who realizes that he's made a lot of enemies by enforcing the law over the years--and his reflexes aren't exactly as good as they used to be. I loved how he took a nap by locking himself in one of his back jail cells--so that no one could sneak up on him! Scott deals with a couple angry jerks looking to take him down near the beginning of the film. I particularly loved the barber's chair scene--I wasn't too surprised by it but it was handled well. However, now he has something different to deal with--a greedy and amoral gambler who is determined to get rid of the sheriff once and for all. So, he brings in a hired gun who soon shoots Scott. Now this is the only real problem with the film. It expects us to believe that a gunman who hates Scott shoots him from about fifteen feet and the bullet somehow glances off Scott's head! Even I could have made this shot, and I'm no gunslinger! So you are expected to believe this and not question this plot line for the rest of the film to work. However, I was able to temporarily suspend disbelief and liked what happened next.

The acting and writing are fine and Scott is helped by having some excellent support in the film. It's a good old fashioned story about one man defying the odds--somewhat like HIGH NOON or RIO BRAVO. I especially liked how it all ended.

Memorable and worth seeing, though look for the Scott films directed by Budd Boetticher to see his best film or his final film that was directed by Sam Peckinpah.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Randolph Scott meets Jessica Fletcher

Randolph Scott is the town marshal like Gary Cooper in High Noon. Only instead of four guys coming to town to kill the marshal because of an old grudge, here we have a trio of villains, Warner Anderson, John Emery, and Michael Pate. The first two have been hiring folks to do in Scott because they want a wide open and lawless town for the saloon business. They've finally settled on Pate who does beat Scott to the draw and folks think he's been killed.

Warner Anderson is a particularly smarmy villain. He's got designs on Angela Lansbury who's a touring musical performer in town for a few performances. He's also been romancing the wife of the biggest rancher in the area played by Jean Parker and he says openly that it was only for his own amusement. That remark costs him dear in the movie later on.

Scott has a particularly brutal fight scene with Don Megowan who's the brother of a man Scott kills in the first 15 minutes of the film. Ranks up there with his classic brawls with John Wayne in The Spoilers and Pittsburgh.

I remember a Gunsmoke episode years ago where this particular plot line was used. Someone beats Matt Dillon to the draw and Doc Adams pretends he's dead and in the meantime works furiously to save his life. Here that role is taken by town doctor Wallace Ford. Both Randolph Scott and James Arness live to best the villain, but the story is how in both cases and I won't say more.

A good cast of veteran Hollywood performers makes A Lawless Street a pleasure to watch. And Angela Lansbury has a musical number. What's better than that?

Reviewed by mark.waltz 5 / 10

More forsaking from my darling.

Even the most mediocre of movie West westerns looks a heck of a lot better in color, and this one ain't half bad. It's a familiar story, one made famous by "High Noon", this time with marshal Randolph Scott having a legendary reputation that makes dishonest men seek revenge and the women who love him leave him rather than watch him increase the notches on his gun.

Somebody is out to get him, obviously putting a hit on him through an old enemy who ends up dead himself . The arrival of stage actress Angela Lansbury stirs the pot even more with her engagement to ruthless Warner Anderson who has his own plans for Scott.

A ton of veteran actors support Scott and Lansbury, including the salty Ruth Donnelly, hysterically funny as a restaurant proprietor who flirts with Scott while looking out for him like a mother, Wallace Ford as the town doctor, Frank Ferguson as the loyal saloon owner and Jean Parker as an aging glamor girl who seems to have mixed dealings. Jeanette Nolan is featured as the widow of the man Scott killed in self defense, while Don Megowan is excellent as her brother- in-law who hates guns and knew his brother deserved what he got yet can't help but seek revenge. His performance reminded me of Lon Chaney Jr. in "Of Mice and Men".

Lansbury is a stronger female lead than Grace Kelly in "High Noon", getting to perform a musical number from the very first American musical, "The Black Crook". While I couldn't confirm it, she did sound like it was her singing, although it's far less brassier than how she sounded in " Mame". Scott is excellent, although he lacks the emotional conflict of Gary Cooper. Still, there are enough sides in his character to make him very complex. This isn't a classic western by any means, but it has enough tension to keep your interest.

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