A Life Interrupted


Biography / Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
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Lina Roessler as Female staffer
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Cindy Busby as Crystal Smith
Devon Bostick as Young Bobby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mgconlan-1 9 / 10

Great job combining two story threads

A lot of Lifetime's TV movies get overly preachy when they take on social issues. Not this one. This is a superb human drama that expertly combines two story threads: the trauma that Debbie Smith faced from being raped and her involvement in the struggle to increases the resources available to local police departments to run DNA tests to identify rapists even when no suspect has actually been identified or taken into custody. This film brings us Debbie's trauma and how her rape hurts not only her but her family as well, turning her off to sex with her husband (the scene in which she freaks out in bed because he's inadvertently used an endearment that was also spoken to her by her rapist is especially chilling) and even being exploited by her children's schoolmates as an excuse to tease them. Stefan Pleszczynski directs in a calm, straightforward style that makes the material far more chilling than it would have been in the hands of an artier director; his only miscalculation (and the reason I'm not giving this film a perfect 10) is making the rape scene itself look too pleasant, going for soft-core porn titillation instead of the hard reality of violation. Still, that's a small blemish on an otherwise great production that shows off Lifetime at its best.

Reviewed by speechless1961-564-488484 10 / 10

Sort of a spoiler

I just wanted to mention one thing. Someone said that this movie didn't deserve 10 stars for "making the rape scene itself look too pleasant, going for soft-core porn titillation instead of the hard reality of violation." I wholeheartedly disagree with this assessment. I like that it was "softer" (if you can call rape "soft"!) because it just goes to show that rape is not necessarily violent. Every movie I've ever seen with a rape scene has been extremely violent, and this one is very good at showing that it's very often NOT violent. I like it because sometimes, someone can struggle with rape, wondering if it really was rape or not. If it's sex against your will, it's rape. Period. As difficult as it is to watch a rape scene, this could actually help someone who is struggling with this very issue. Very well done.

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