A Life of Her Own



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Kathleen Freeman as Switchboard Operator, Betsy Ross Hotel
Jean Hagen as Maggie Collins
Lana Turner as Lily Brannel James
Sara Haden as Smitty
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hildacrane 8 / 10

solid drama

This film has a memorable opening sequence: under the credits, we see a cab driving slowly through the deserted streets of a small town, to the accompaniment of Bronislau Kaper's haunting theme. It sets the tone of the whole film, which is about longing. (The theme was re-used in "Invitation.") Several years earlier Kaper had written another beautiful theme for Turner's "Green Dolphin Street." Turner does very well in a role that one feels may have had a certain resonance for her: when her Lily talks about the emptiness of her life as a model, one senses that the actress really drew upon thoughts of her own life. Somewhat paradoxically she is presented with ugly hair styles and dresses that were presumably meant to imply elegance.

The early scenes in the office of the modeling agency have a nice fluidity and capture the controlled chaos of the milieu. Cukor brings vivid performances from Tom Ewell and Jean Hagen (both of whom he directed in "Adam's Rib") and especially Ann Dvorak. The shattering of the porcelain shoe at the end of the film is a kind of reversal of the Cinderella slipper idea, and is emblematic of the fact that Lily's life is indeed her own, and not dependent on any kind of prince charming for meaning.

Reviewed by lullabythree 9 / 10

Watching the stars.

Call me an old romantic fool, but I liked this film. If you've ever been foolishly in love, you'll relate. But just watching the beautiful Lana ~ though yes, age was creeping up ~ you knew she was a favorite of audiences NOT only because she was gorgeous. Ray Milland plays it tightly, but good heavens, in those days men did not emote, so give the guy a break. Barry Sullivan, always a loved slightly seedy fellow, handsome as ever, and Jean Hagen and Margaret Phillips lent solid support. Phillips, who played the disabled wife, died at age 61; now I have to go research how and why. She was a very active performer. And how about the unusually elegant Tom Ewell? Great stuff. Enjoy it on a rainy Sunday morning.

Reviewed by JLRMovieReviews 7 / 10

Finding Yourself...and Lana Turner

Lana Turner goes into the modeling world hoping to get discovered. Along the way, she meets Ray Milland, who's a married man, and of course they start having feelings for each other. Ann Dvorak (from Paul Muni's "Scarface") is great in a supporting role. In fact, some would say she steals the show, because the viewer thinks of her even when she's not on the screen, due to circumstances I'm not going into. Barry Sullivan, who was frequent costar of Lana's, is on hand with his shoulder for Lana to cry on.

For such an unknown movie of Lana's, one would think is just a hum-drum black-and-white movie. But, "A Life of Her Own" is a very well-written and insightful film which provides a mature approach to a woman's life at an older age, who is trying to find herself and what she really wants out of life, and what she doesn't want.

An added plus which most reviewers have already alluded to, is the great music score to this film. It makes Ray and Lana's scenes feel very intimate. But when reality hits and she meets the wheelchair-bound wife. it does get rather depressing and downbeat. But the ending is very soothing, as she "is herself" with Barry and visits the view one more time of Ann Dvorak's old apartment building and where she doesn't want to wind up. It's a shame to think only Lana fans would be attracted to this film. It's one for all those who want something intelligent and for people, who though older and not quite settled, are still yearning for "a life of their own."

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