A Lover Scorned


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 170

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dollarbillsemail 5 / 10


I caught this tv movie the other night. In recent decades, tv movies, in general, have come to outshine theatrical releases. Unfortunately, "A Lover Scorned", isn't one of them. It's a very droll and dull effort. No pizzazz. No charisma. No excitement. No melodrama. No emotion. It was as if the cast was going through a mere script reading. I would, ordinarily, rate it 4-stars out of 10. However, the story did have a number of twists and turns in it. So, I generously pushed it up to 5-stars. This project could have been and should have been much better than the finished product.

Reviewed by LifetimeUncorkedPodcast 1 / 10

Lifetime Letdown

10 Stars for laughable green screen and gay content. 1 Star for this movie being poorly executed and confusing. I drink wine when I watch these movies and I'd have to "Put a Cork" in this one.

Brooke tells Wong that whatever he thinks she did, she did. What that is? I couldn't tell you.

Reviewed by deedrala 2 / 10

Waste of time

Plot convoluted and confusing while trying to be hip, different, and jarring. Obvious use of green screen during mountain scenes. Audio so bad in places throughout film, that I had to rewind several times to play it back to try to decipher what was being said, but never could - so gaps in dialogue throughout. The dialogue that COULD be heard was nonsensical at times. Acting by all: C- at best. (And the husband with the redundant name - Steve Stevens - was totally miscast, as was the supposedly 'hot' insurance guy who looked about 16 or 17)

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