A Man Called Magnum

1977 [ITALIAN]

Action / Crime

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Reviewed by Bezenby 6 / 10

Merenda vs Naples

Man, I pity those poor fellows who end up being Mafia bosses. Must be a really stressful job. You've got to uphold the exterior 'upstanding citizen' routine so that hotheaded cops can be shouted down by their superiors, you make high pressure drug deals with other high-level guys, and worst of all, your employees are all nasty criminals by default, so the ever present threat of one of them double crossing you must be a terrible strain.

Look at the fella in this film, Don Whatsisface. He sets up a nice deal with German guy to supply him a whole lot of dope, then someone turns around, guns down the dealers, and still steals the blow. You just can't get the employees. Get this though - someone then double crosses the henchman that double crossed the mob boss, which ends up in a whole heap of corpses for the cops to clean up.

One of those cops in Luc Merenda, and he's just arrived in Naples from Milan to find that the pizza is a lot better, but the crime is just as bad as everywhere else. Luc and his Neopolitan sidekick set off to figure out what the hell is going on with these shooting, with a little help from a mystery grass who keeps sending him hand drawn pictures of crime that are about to happen.

So it's business as usual for this Eurocrime film, but there's loads of action, car chases, and Merenda beating up bad guys, so who's going to complain? That actor playing his sidekick is rather good too, giving a bit more humanity to the blossoming bromance between the two cops. There's also a fair amount of violence with one particular gangster whacking rather a lot of people, including one guy who get blown up by dynamite.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 8 / 10

Brutish, bold and fast moving

Brutish, bold and fast moving Italian police thriller set in a decayed Naples. Characterful faces abound, as does the gang rivalry and bloody violence. Luc Merenda is so cool throughout you begin to wonder if he has noticed just what is going on, but then he is there ready around the corner. Probably about five car chases but there are not overlong and in fact work well amid the terrible street traffic. The chase against the city train is very well done, as are all the set pieces and elements of sleaze are provided for by the presence of a luscious Sonia Viviani. Always looking sensational and half the time nude she suffers a beating, a rape, forced drug injection and being shackled naked, all for our viewing pleasure and to underline the brutish element within Naples gangland. Tough, gritty and well worth a watch.

Reviewed by lensdarkly 8 / 10

Worth watching

This is the first film I've seen by Tarantini and hope to see other work by him. The story is about a Milanese cop (Luc Merenda) assigned to bust the mob in Naples. What makes the film worth watching is that the film has bits of unexpected originality sparking what would have been in lesser hands, a routine film. Tarantini also uses very dynamic framing in the cinematography, with lots of low angle shots as well as using extreme close ups for contrast. The action includes several shoot outs, car chases and a fistful of dynamite. While some of the humor is culture specific with the rivalry between northern and southern Italy, other bits are handled lightly eliciting some earned chuckles courtesy of co-star Enzo Cannavele. The DVD probably looks better than when the film first hit theaters, with 5.1 Dolby I am sure it sounds better.

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