A Man in Love

1987 [FRENCH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 583

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Peter Riegert as Michael Pozner
Peter Coyote as Steve Elliott
Vincent Lindon as Bruno Schlosser
Greta Scacchi as Jane Steiner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yourdanielle 10 / 10

pillow talk is not a "lesbian love scene"

First of all, seeing the fuss of over post-coital fantasy pillow talk being such the focus of the discussion of this film is disturbing. There IS no "lesbian love scene". There are NO scenes of sex between two women. Jane simply describes a fantasy encounter, even editing it to his wishes, to her man. It's pillow talk. Anyone renting this for such a scene will be greatly disappointed. Okay, there's some nudity; but this isn't soft core porn. It isn't even Nine and a Half Weeks. The sex scenes are far more subtle; no humping, sorry. I don't see how anyone with realistic expectations could possibly be disappointed. It's a delightful, realistic romance.

A married man falls in love with a younger woman; who happens to be an ingénue, his love interest in the film of which he's the star. Coyote plays to perfection "The American Movie Star" filming in Europe. Set in spectacular locales, it's more than a love story between the two principal characters. It's a love story showing the director's love of the locations where it was filmed. This; and relating with the storyline of a European love affair, is what makes this one of my all time favorite films. Who could possibly complain about the music by the genius that was Georges Delerue? (the sole 80's synth-pop track aside)

And to the previous poster "wondering what Kurys was thinking" - a little research will divulge the film's semi-autobiographical nature. Look up Kurys' listing here, in her earlier years. You'll find where she worked on a film with a popular American actor (not his costar as in this film, but it's obvious enough). She wasn't just "thinking" - the fact that this is a bit of memoir makes it all that much more endearing.

This is one of the most highly UNDER rated films of all time, as underrated as Coyote is actor. But expect a romantic film (by all definitions) and watch it for what it's worth - there is beauty in its simplicity.

Reviewed by MWB 9 / 10

Beautiful film, DVD not available

I saw this film a number of years ago on LaserDisc, and I loved it. Excuse me if I don't remember all the details.

Peter Coyote and Greta Scacchi gave great performances. Coyote played an actor and really conveyed a sense of someone trying to convey the essence of the character he played. Scacchi was also great. Their hunger for each other came across in a compelling way (OK, I really liked her nude scenes!).

The LaserDisc may have been Panned and Scanned (ugh!). Supposedly this is available on DVD, released in September 2004. It apparently had a very short shelf life. I cannot find it anywhere (as of December, 2004). Amazon says that their suppliers cannot provide a copy. Very frustrating. The DVD may also be P&S, but I hope not.

Highly recommended - if you can find it.

Reviewed by spectreqc 9 / 10

Little known masterpiece

I watched this movie many years ago before DVD's even existed. The script is a known one. Nothing new here but the ambiance is basically what this movie is about. The director was skillful at making this co-production keep up with a plausible script ( always an issue when money comes from different countries ) . The tone is definitely the big Hollywoog star versus the more bohemian people an A- lister might encounter when filming. Great casting as Claudia Cardinale makes a credible Greta Sccatchi's Mum. The french version was excellent ,reminded me of the good old days when Charles Bronson made his best ones in Europe. What can I say ...It's all about ambiance..Watch it 'till the very end !

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