A Matter of Justice


Drama / Thriller

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Cole Hauser as Rocky Jackson
Christopher John Fields as Warren Matthews
Holmes Osborne as Defense Attorney
Renée Estevez as Carole
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10

fantastic performance by Patty Duke

Patty Duke plays an amazing character who will stop at nothing to see her son's murderer brought to justice and to gain custody of her grandchild.

Duke does the role complete justice. No matter what gets in the mother's way, she is not stymied. Her eye never veers from the ultimate goal, and she keeps at it until she wins, channeling the anger over her son's death into positive action. You truly root for her all the way.

Patty Duke has made so many TV movies that it's sometimes difficult to sort them out. But her work is always outstanding and usually, so are the films. I sometimes wonder if that's because of her or if the stories are really that good - I think it's a combination. She has excellent taste in roles. One of the reviews mentioned that she was robbed of another Emmy. In my opinion, she has been robbed of many. She is always worth watching.

Reviewed by MarieGabrielle 8 / 10

Patty Duke and Martin Sheen...

shine in this film, which is a disturbing account of a young serviceman, murdered for profit. His young wife ("Dusty"), well-portrayed by Alexandra Powers, may have been the culprit. She has a baby too young (Duke's grandchild) and decides that she is tired of being an army wife, and becomes a prostitute in Honolulu.

When Duke's son is murdered, she suspects the worst. After protracted legal problems, Duke eventually wins a minor victory, seeking justice for her son's murder. Apparently as a resident of Alabama, she only has influence due to the fact that she is in a small town, and must hound and harass the district attorney. Charles Dutton, Jr. is also very good as the detective who tracks Dusty and the grandchild, discovering they are living in squalor in Oklahoma, collecting money from the murdered husband's army pension.

Patty Duke is amazing, because she always transcends material, engaging the audience. While this film was based on a true story, a few liberties were taken, but you will still be interested in the outcome. 8/10.

Reviewed by fmwongmd 2 / 10

Poorly done

The acting is poorly done and the story wanting in all respects.

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