A Merry Christmas Match


Drama / Romance

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Kathleen Kinmont as Gayle Donnelly
Alice Hunter as Deanna
Matt McCoy as Gary Donnelly
Courtney Hope as Victoria
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10

Christmas mismatch

2019 was a very mixed year for Hallmark when it came to their Christmas output, most being in the average and less bracket. There were winners such as 'Two Turtle Doves', 'The Christmas Club' and 'Holiday Hearts'. There were also misfires like 'A Cheerful Christmas', 'Christmas Scavenger Hunt' and 'Christmas at Dollywood'. 'A Merry Christmas Match' was the film that launched Hallmark's 2019 Christmas film batch, so was intrigued in seeing whether it would be a winner or a misfire.

'A Merry Christmas Match' sadly fell into the latter category. It is to me among the worst of the batch and anybody who sees this first before seeing the other films that followed may be put off checking out the others. In my case, many of the other 2019 Hallmark Christmas films were seen before 'A Merry Christmas Match', so knew already that some of the films were above average and the best surprisingly good. So was not put off, but can see why others might.

There are a few good things. The best thing about it is a spirited Lindsey Gort, who comes over as enthusiastic and likeable. Enjoyed her vocal contribution too.

Have nearly always liked the scenery in Hallmark's films, while authenticity is not a strong suit (i.e. Being able to tell that a film was not shot in winter or not filmed in the cited place) the scenery is still lovely regardless. That's the case with that in 'A Merry Christmas Match' and it's well complemented by the photography. The music fits nicely, Hallmark films do tend to be over-scored but for me it wasn't a problem here.

Everything else however sadly has issues. Ashley Newborough goes through the motions and gives a flat performance, plus her character is just irritating and spoiled rich girl-like. Kyle Dean Massey shows more emotion, but he doesn't always look at ease and could have done with more charisma, also felt that his character's sensibility is overdone to the point of being naive. The two have absolutely no chemistry together, it was like they didn't get along but it was hard to buy them as people on at least good terms and impossible to buy them as people in love. The rest of the supporting cast don't stand out and almost everybody, excepting Gort, is bland or annoying.

Found the writing to be awkward and too cheese and sentiment heavy, while the direction is at best indifferent. The story just didn't grab me, it was too thin and dull to begin with and then got very rushed and contrived towards and at the once again too easily resolved end. It's also in the minus figures when it comes to scoring the story on originality, none on sight here, and it would have been better if the relationship had more time to develop rather than starting at one point and not doing much with it for a while.

Concluding, pretty weak. 3/10.

Reviewed by phd_travel 2 / 10

Don't bother a snoozefest of a rehash and not well cast

The struggling store story is so done to death. The actor Kyle is better for Broadway. A bit creepy looking here. Ashley Newbrough tries hard. But their banter is annoying.

Nothing new and not well done or cast.

Reviewed by JoBloTheMovieCritic 3 / 10

A Merry Christmas Match

3/10 - super random plot progressions and a complete shortage of any chemistry made this one hard to enjoy

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