A Raisin in the Sun



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 1884

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Elle Downs as Cocktail Waitress
Rosemary Dunsmore as Mrs. Arnold
Sean Combs as Walter Lee Younger
Bill Nunn as Bobo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by les6969 7 / 10

I film well worth watching

This film start slowly and at times is a little dull but this is mainly due to the lacklustre performance of Mr Combes, P Diddy, Puffy whatever. Every other performance is superb and this is what carries the film, however as others have already commented, what could have been an excellent film, with someone else in the lead role, becomes just a good film and I would still recommend it for anyone to watch. Combes performance is just not believable, sure he is moody and unlikeable but you get the feeling that he struggles to move away from his real persona and slips too easily back into being a 90s rapper rather than a black man struggling in 1950s America. It might be worth noting that if you hate the modern trend for films to be littered with foul language, sex and violence then you will love this film because it stays true to the original play in this regard and has resisted the mistake many remakes have made of modernising it and alienating the family audience. So for many reasons I would recommend this film and just think it is a shame another, much better lead actor was not chosen for the main male role.

Reviewed by ram-30 6 / 10

DIDDY? Oh, no he diddn't!

P-Diddy's performance in the film is P-thetic. Apparently tired of saying the same words night after night on stage has dulled Mr. Combs into a stunned stupor to which his bland expressions and monotone delivery attest. He seems at home with "da Homies" (Willy Harris and Bobo) at "da Club"(The Green Hat) but he can't switch his New York gangsta talk with a Southside Chicago accent. The fact that Willy Harris is a dead ringer for Snoop Dog didn't help. Mama was right; Walter does look (and sound) "like somebody's hoodlum". Mama, by the way, played by Phylicia Rashad, was amazing. She looks younger than other Lena Youngers on screen which is good as Walter is only 35 so Mama is probably not the white haired old lady directors like Daniel Petrie tried to make her look. Besides the youthful look, Rashad gives a very heartfelt performance making me think that Bill Cosby did the world a disfavour by holding her back from honing her serious side. Audra McDonald, in my opinion, is the best performer in the group. As wife Ruth, she really hits home with her every emotion.When she cries, we want to cry with her although at times it seems she's just crying at the atrocious performance by her lesser half, the Puffster. Rounding out the cast is David Oyelowo as the Nigerian Asagai (Oyelowo is, himself, Nigerian) and John Stamos as a handsome Mr. Lindner (alas, the not so handsome John Fiedler is no longer available for the role). I watched this film continually thinking what heights it might have reached if someone more competent was in the Walter role. Maybe they can use Computer Generation to insert Sidney Poitier's performance. That would be great.

Reviewed by jaded125 3 / 10

Kenny Leon's SparkNotes Interpretation

After reading the Lorraine Hansberry play, one would expect this film to be a grand portrayal of a struggling black family in the 1950's. What one gets is a poor adaptation of an amazing play. If Lorraine Hansberry were still alive, she'd kill over taking Sydney Poitier with her. The choice to have P. Diddy in the film in any capacity was a fluke, giving him the lead role was an even greater fluke clearly credited to an aneurysm. He completely overacted the role and made it hard to believe that this was based on Hensberry's play. Let's just face Sean Combs, you're almost as bad at acting as you at dancing. And considering you've been doing the same move since the 90's please stay off my screen. In addition to poorly casting what should've been the moving role of Walter Younger, Kenny Leon then apparently threw the play completely out the window and cast a far too old Sanaa Lathan to play Beneatha. Granted I believe Sanaa Lathan is a fine actress, she was too old to even be considered for the lively optimistic Beneatha. I spent half the movie asking why this grown woman was behaving like a child. The only commendable casting was Phylicia Rashad as Lena and Audra McDonald as Ruth. They were a beauty to watch and the only reason I didn't give this film a 0 rating. Overall I'd only recommend watching this film if you want to see how NOT to perceive this play or if your cable goes out and this movie just so happens to be on your Netflix queue.

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