A Royal Queens Christmas


Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by atlasmb 6 / 10

Starts Off Strong

Like many Hallmark romances, this one is about a man and woman who come from different circumstances. They could hardly be further apart than a New York bakery worker and a British prince being groomed for succession.

Julian Morris' portrayal of Prince Colin is the best part of the film. He feels genuinely regal yet very likable. One could understand that any woman might fall for his rugged good looks, his affable personality, and his musical talents. His attraction to DeeDee (Megan Park) is a little harder to explain. We are to believe that the prince has little access to women of quality, perhaps due to his parents' well-meaning control of his life. Fortunately, he is attended by Mickey (acted by Tony Nappo, who makes the most of his part), who is charged with overseeing the prince's activities, but cuts him some slack.

The acting is good, but the story---after some energy in the first part---bogs down in the mechanics of their obstacles.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

An Average Royal Christmas movie

This movie is about what you'd expect for a "royal" movie where the prince tries to hide his identity. In this case, he is a supremely talented piano player who is shamed into subbing as the pianist for a children's choir performance and rehearsals after he smashes pastry samples DeeDee is carrying. Somehow, there are several days of the typical Christmas activities tied into it for the kids. Meanwhile, his mom and dad, the King and Queen, are pushing him to marry a Duchess. If you sit down and write a plot outline for the rest of the movie before watching it you are bound to be almost perfectly correct.

At one point, DeeDee reveals she was once in the armed services. This could have been an interesting subplot, but it barely comes up again.

The story is thin and recycled. The relationship is OK, but nothing outstanding. There's a small bit about their separate ornaments which again could have been expanded more.

This would probably be a decent movie if you had never seen a Christmas romance before, at least not a "royal" one.

Reviewed by hallmarkmov 2 / 10

A royal let down

There have been some good and okay royal movies but this is not one of them. Couldn't stand how annoying, stubborn, easily upset the main girl got over small things. All of their "accents" seem to come and go with no consistency. With so many new hallmark Christmas movies this year this one can be skipped.

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