A Soldier's Revenge



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AnnaLynne McCord as Heather
Jake Busey as Captain McCalister
Neal Bledsoe as Frank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 3 / 10

how slow they have made this

Its a clear b-movie, loas of cowboys a renegades, with neiter cow or guts. meaness it has but at a shallow depth, the story aint good, the acting likewise, and the big miss in contrary to qverwhelmingly made westerns is the choice of score. my childhood memories wher either a decent symphonical or a crude steelguitar based score. here its just a cheap meeeow of a synthizeiser, that trashes the golden transition from scene to scene.

its a blur of close up shooting camera angles, and use of focus is almost absent.the cast would have impressed me if they had it in their eyes but they dont. thats why clint'ern caught his audience, you wont be caught by this.

playtime here are 137 minutes, coulve been easily compressed into 85 mins without a problem, so here its quantity over quality believe me. inexperience deluxe from the director and editors, make this sub western saga a blimp and no more than that.

its made for the cowboy nerds, and the cast and crews families, a weak 3 for stamina from the grumpy old man saying that watching a bit of bonaza wouldnt hurt. its pretty decent compared to this. recomende?no.

Reviewed by ptrsknnr 3 / 10


Worst western ever made.....bad acting.....the characters are so unlikable.......an hour should have been cut and it still wudda been bad....the lead characters acting is embarressing

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