A Trip to the Moon

1902 [FRENCH]

Action / Adventure

IMDb Rating 8.2 10 46845

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 10 / 10

utterly charming and strange---and a GIANT step forward for cinema.

This is a VERY early film and unlike other "films" of the day, this one is very advanced in that it tells a whole story and has incredibly complex sets and special effects for its day. Most movies of the day lasted a minute or two and were really just snippets of film. At fourteen minutes, this is, for its time, a full-length picture! And, even though by today's standards the film is VERY dated and clumsy, it still retains much of its original watchability because of its light spirit and silly script.

The story begins in what appears to be a classroom at a university--however, this isn't certain, as the film lacks title cards to tell you what is occurring (something few movies of the day had). However, when the group of scientists are led out to what appears to be a giant bullet, the action heats up and the story gets interesting. The "bullet" is opened and it seems it's a space capsule. The capsule is shoved into an enormous gun and is shot to the moon.

At this point, the film is really cute--having an actual man's face in the moon. The face is quite upset, mind you, when the capsule becomes lodged in the eye! Surprisingly, the air on the moon is fine and the men walk about the weird moonscape (full of cool stars and planets you just have to see to appreciate). Later, they discover an underground cave...and moon men! The moon men are hostile, but considering that they explode when you hit them, they aren't too much trouble for our intrepid travelers. They make a hasty escape and fall from the moon back home.

The film is so full of wacky special effects and cute over-the-top gimmicks that it is just a lot of fun to watch. Give it a try yourself by going to a film archive at http://www.archive.org/details/Levoyagedanslalune

Also, if you want to see it on DVD, it's included in a great compilation for avid cinephiles and historians ("The Great Train Robbery and Other Primary Works"). It features early films by Edison, Lumière and others. While the average viewer will probably NOT be very impressed by these early films, I found them fascinating--particularly this film and THE SERPENTINE DANCES.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

Not to be missed

This twelve minute short from famed magician/film-maker George Melies is, quite simply, a spellbinding experience. Due to the lack of dialogue, the film tells its story via a series of pictures. What the film concentrates on most are the special effects, and this film wowed audiences through the apparently magical occurrences appearing on screen. Indeed, these effects are still impressive today, even if its easy to see how they're done. The most memorable image comes when the space ship crashes into the moon's eye - causing it to wince and frown in anger. There are also some excellent moments where our explorers are attacked by jumping goblin creatures which disappear in a puff of smoke when struck.

It's all very surreal, especially when we see goddesses sitting on planets and grinning faces appearing in the stars. The plot follows a logical progression from beginning to end, and the sets used are expensively staged and have real depth. Okay, so the film is a bit creaky and jumpy but face it, its nearly a century old and being able to watch it today is simply fantastic. My great-grandparents would have been alive while they were making this. For any fan of the history of cinema, fantastical or not, A TRIP TO THE MOON is a landmark piece not to be missed.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 9 / 10


A group of astronomers travel to the moon by getting shot out of a large cannon. They head into the interiors and encounter strange moon-men among giant mushrooms. The version I saw is black and white with a modern narration. The narration is off-putting and out-of-place. I would have loved to see the hand painted colors. Nevertheless, this is a classic. It is imaginative. It is beautiful. It has a nice narrative flow like watching a children's book come to life. The effects are fun. This is a cinematic icon.

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