A Twelve-Year Night

2018 [SPANISH]

Biography / Crime / Drama / History

IMDb Rating 7.6 10 8653

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson 9 / 10

A must see

This movie is outstanding! Carefully documented, it reconstitutes the confinement, the total isolation, the abuse of all kinds that endured three political prisoners of the Tupamaros movement, during twelve long years, knowing that the military dictatorship of the Uruguay began with the coup of June 27, 1973. Thus, Álvaro Brechner has managed, with a superior ease, a cinematographic challenge: transform a soporific event in a journey as breathless as undesired. Soporific? Well... it's unfortunately a fact: in the depths of their prison, these three compañeros spent 99% of their day doing seemingly nothing. Thanks to Álvaro Brechner and these three splendid actors, you will be completely immersed in prison horror, even if you are devoid of empathy. You will be fully aware of this confused state of anxiety, hallucination, anger, fear, nightmare, resistance and hope that these three protagonists had naturally to go through. The director's approach is more psychological than truly political: through this story, he highlights the capacity of resilience and the ability to remain honest.

Moreover, the song of Simon and Garfunkel, "The Sound of Silence", interpreted almost a cappella by Silvia Pérez Cruz, moves the audience to the tears. A rare emotional force in perfect harmony with the movie!

Finally, in order to quibble a little bit, two hardly credible scenes: 1) A blindfold chess game via a Morse-code communication? 2) All the Uruguayan military bureaucracy would be necessary to realize the impossibility of defecating in a vertical position? Allow me doubting about these two scenes, but it's so comforting to imagine these men trying to break their loneliness (for the first one), and it's so hilarious (for the second one).

As a synthesis: what a masterful work!!

Reviewed by bola_de_pu 10 / 10

Pure Latin American Reality

I'm Puerto Rican, I love Latin and Hispanic cinema and when I find productions that are gems of our countries I feel proud like a little child with a medal. A vibrant, exciting and very sad film. Anyone who wants to know a piece of Latin America, I invite you to see this movie, one of those stories that have shaped what we are, for better or for worse. The main actors of first level. Soledad Villamil equal or better than in "El Secreto de Sus Ojos" and Antonio De La Torre with another brutal, exciting, historical interpretation, which puts him back on my personal list of Latin American favored actors of the last decade with Benicio Del Toro, Ricado Darín and Leonardo Sbaraglia. Without much to say, if you are an admirer of Latin American history, I recommend you to see the film without subjective emotions that cloud your thinking. It's incredible, as Mujica became President of Uruguay after the events that took place. Utopian, everything, probably the best film of Latin America in 2018 and one of the best latin american productions of the last decade. Pure Latin American history.

Reviewed by ahmednasr92 10 / 10

A cinematic masterpiece influenced by a sad poetic spirit.

The film, which appears to be a political film at the beginning, is a film about human nature, how people think, believe and survive, in fact. A cinematic masterpiece influenced by a sad poetic spirit.

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