A Valentine's Match


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 843

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Bethany Joy Lenz as Natalie Simmons
Luke Macfarlane as Zach Williams
Mary-Margaret Humes as Alicia Simmons
Marco Grazzini as Brooks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sarajimi 3 / 10


This might've been cuter if the main characters were in high school but they aren't. The main characters are so immature, it's hard to believe they are adults. The mothers are so obviously manipulative yet the two leads seem oblivious to it. Most of it was so over acted that it would have worked as a silent film.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 8 / 10

Plot: Boo! Actors: Yay!

The plot wasn't anything much. It follows the usual formula:1) successful career-woman with useless boyfriend gets fired and goes back to small hometown to recharge. 2) Meets Old boyfriend she has been avoiding for 10 years due to misunderstanding. 3) 2 interfering mothers, sensible father 3) A festival is saved after the 2 exes are forced to work together. 4) they fall in love again only to have another blow-up which sends heroine back to the big city with terrible boyfriend. 5) they come to their senses and re-unite for a happy ending. Not to mention: 6) black actors relegated to the best friend zone. So why does this get high marks from me? The Acting and Appeal and Chemistry of Bethany Joy Lenz and Luke McFarlane. Luke has long been a favorite of mine and they both breathe life and humor into unremarkable lines that in less talented actors' hands would result in a snooze-worthy cookie-cutter romance. The 2 love scenes were emotional and steamy, especially the slow dance near the end. Their break-up was tense and sad, and in-between, they were funny both together and apart. The end scene was cheesy in the extreme but at least it didn't end with the smooch and some loose ends were tied up.

Reviewed by mvors 2 / 10


I am a huge Hallmark Movie fan. I have liked these two leads in other movies but this movie was neither funny nor romantic. I tried to like it.

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