A Very Brady Sequel



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Christine Taylor as Marcia Brady
Shelley Long as Carol Brady
Barbara Eden as Jeannie
David Spade as Sergio, The Hair Stylist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 7 / 10

Funnier than the first one

The Brady Bunch Movie that was released a couple years prior to A Very Brady Sequel was a decent success. The movie was actually pretty funny, I was obsessed with it when I was a kid. As I grew up, there was a flaw that I found with the film, the point of that film was to show how the Brady's were so different from the world and the real life family, no matter what decade. The Brady Bunch Movie was missing one main thing, the reactions from others around them. So A Very Brady Sequel, that's not only what they did, but they did it extremely well and this movie is one of the funniest comedies that you will ever see.

One evening, a man claiming to be Carol's long-lost first husband, Roy Martin, shows up at the suburban Brady residence. He is actually a con man named Trevor Thomas and is there to steal their familiar horse statue that is actually a $20 million ancient artifact. They, portrayed as naïve, believe his story about suffering from amnesia and having plastic surgery after being injured. Eventually, Trevor's ruse is uncovered by Bobby and Cindy; in retaliation, he kidnaps Carol and takes her and the artifact to a buyer in Hawaii. The remaining Brady family travels to Hawaii to save her and foil his plans.

One of the scenes that nearly kills me with laughter each time is when Roy is taking Carol and tells the kids to stay back, Cindy says "You can't take my mommy!", Marcia says "Cindy's right, take Jan!". You rarely get comedic timing on a joke like that! Roy's reactions to hanging with the Brady family was too funny. I loved when Alice mistakes his "mushrooms" for actual mushrooms and as he's eating them in the spaghetti she made he realizes that he's "tripping with the Brady's". Leading into a very funny cartoon of an acid trip with the Brady's. I thought the touch with Marcia and Greg having a romance was funny since every Brady fan knows that in real life Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams had a little fling, weird seeing brother and sister have that kind of chemistry on camera.

A Very Brady Sequel is guaranteed to make you laugh. It's just a fun comedy with a lot of fun pokes at the series. The cast was great and really clicked well. Adding Tim Matheson as Roy was a great idea, he's timing on the jokes was perfect. His character was exactly what these movies needed. I also thought it was a great idea taking on the famous Hawaii episode, how could you not laugh at the way Greg gets "wiped out" again while surfing? I wish they did make another sequel, but maybe it's better to leave the movies off with a bang, keep us laughing, keep us wanting more because the Brady's can finally rest knowing that they left that audience with a smile on their faces.


Reviewed by jwfisher-1 9 / 10

A Very Underrated Movie

This satiric sequel is a rare exception--it's better than the original. Highlights include Jan's made-up boyfriend, George Glass, Marcia and Greg's awkward sexual attraction, a cameo by Zsa Zsa Gabor and Rosie O'Donnel, not one but TWO musical dance numbers, Marcia's obvious wig in her scene at the pool, Jan losing her contact lens while driving, Mr. and Mrs. Brady's hilariously obvious sexual innuendo, Alice's spaghetti with "special mushrooms," the family trip to Hawaii, and the (brief) return of Tiger, the dog. There's a lot more funny stuff too!

While the original was all about the Brady's living in the 90s, the sequel is more concerned with the wacky misadventures the characters get themselves into. The comedy is intensified when other non-Brady's (people of the 90s) react to the Brady family. Fortunately, the Brady's are still oblivious to the fact that they aren't living in the 1970's anymore, so we can keep on laughing at the ridiculousness of the situations they are placed in.

Honestly, it is such a funny, underrated comedy...RENT IT!

Reviewed by ruinously 7 / 10

Well performed.

A Very Brady Sequel is a very good movie. All the actors did well here, especially Shelly Long, Gary Cole, Jennifer Elise Cox and Tim Mathieson. The funny situations, quotes, tone and style of this movie help hide the fact that not all that much really happens and the premise of this film is absurd.

One of the biggest questions that fans often had about the show was the taboo subject of whether any of the Brady kids hooked up. A Very Brady Sequel tackles this issue head-on with Greg and Marcia trying to decide whether they should give in to the urges they start to feel for each other. This whole subplot was very interesting, if not also a little uncomfortable at times. Christopher Daniel Barnes and Christine Taylor are great as Greg and Marcia.

The one role that I felt was perfectly done and helped the movie out the most is Jennifer Elise Cox as Jan Brady. She does an even better job with the role then the original Jan, Eve Plumb. Almost all the scenes with Jan are funny and Jennifer just shines through.

Obviously, fans of The Brady Bunch are going to get the most enjoyment out of this. For a newcomer, you might want to check out a few episodes of the TV show first.

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