A Very Country Christmas: Homecoming



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Deana Carter as Jolene
Bea Santos as Jeannette
Rob Stewart as John
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toddsgraham 7 / 10

Warm, fun and entertaining...

Fans of UPtv's Very Country Christmas will not be disappointed in this third instalment of the movie series starring Greyston Holt as Zane (a famous country singer). The story is warm, funny, and entertaining. The writer did a good job building on the previous two films. The script/story does not try to do too much (I mean that in a good way), but rather focuses on developing the relationship between the characters. Holt's performance was strong. He looks like a country singer, not a bad voice either. This genre of film suits him well. The supporting cast was good. It was a cute performance by Raven Stewart as Quinn (the daughter). Rob Stewart's performance was strong in what arguably was a more challenging role to play. I liked the two radio jockeys, especially their scene with Cake (the over the top pop star played by Charlotte Hegele). The movie ended with a couple of nice musical performances: first by Deana Carter (as Jolene) and then by Zane and Quinn. The latter was very heartfelt; Raven Stewart has a beautiful voice. Indeed, in the last 20 minutes or so the movies instils a bit of Christmas cheer and holiday spirit. Finally, fans will be happy with the ending as it suggests a fourth installment of the Very Country Christmas series.

Reviewed by gambles-2 8 / 10

A great sequel to A Very Country Christmas

If you liked the 1st and 2nd Zane/Jeanette movies, you will probably like this one also. There really isn't very much depth to the storyline, so if you didn't see part 1- A Very Country Christmas 2017 or part 2- A Very Country Wedding 2019, this movie will probably feel like it rambles all over with no point. Some characters from the 2nd movie were given small parts that seemed unnecessary. Though there are some clips from the 1st movies, it would be better to record it and watch them all in order.

I was really looking fwd to it because I love movies with music star themes, I did love the 1st 2, and I like Greyston Holt. The absolute best part of the movie is the Quinn/Zane duet near the end. It was a uniquely beautiful song.

One major point - in my program guide, this movie is listed with the correct title but the date and synopsis from A Country Chrismas. I took a chance that the new movie would air, and luckily it did.

Reviewed by dsweeting-838-642936 9 / 10

Would have been a 10

However, Cake was so annoying. She can't sing or act (unless that was the way she was written) either way to much storyline; they could have given it to Billy (Greg Vaughan) or more about Quinn's dad. With that being said, it was a great 3rd Sequel.

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