A Wedding to Remember


Comedy / Romance

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June 15, 2022 at 10:38 PM

Top cast

Cristina Rosato as Olivia Owens
Greyston Holt as Brian Wolf
Rebecca Olson as Jenny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10

Surprised me

The premise of couple who dislike each other thrown together as bridesmaid and groomsman is common enough, but somehow this one was accomplished nicely. Olivia was somewhat blinded by her own self-interest, but the emotion was legitimate given how it brought back so much memory of her mother. Brian was actually fairly reasonable even if he reacted a little too strongly. But after the setup, their relationship developed nicely and with chemistry between the actors. The resolution for the main couple was obvious and in fact I think it's been done at least once in another TV movie.

I have to remind myself that rom/coms and reality do not fit well together so as ridiculous as the way the bride and groom's troubles developed and solutions approached, I just went with it. The point was that it was a vehicle by the writers to bring Olivia and Brian together.

I liked that the main couple's brunch conversation was fairly real rather than silly or overly invasive. The continuing mix-ups resulting from their peacemaking efforts were mildly funny.

Reviewed by breemoria 5 / 10

The premise of this movie is ridiculous

Why would a person, in support of a community garden, think that the benefits to the community come close to being more important than affordable housing. Shelter vs. The benefits of mental well-being of working the soil. A nonstarter for me. Next, an engaged couple so divergent on family & location vs job opportunities should not have left this insurmountable divergence till 2 days before the wedding to disengage. Or are they simply stupid? If being with friends & family/location is more important than being with an ambitious partner, than a few dates should point out the incompatibility of the relationship. Again, stupid?? The bridesmaid & groomsman did not concentrate on the issues separating the couple, but on rekindling the couple's spark. Not smart!! Concentrate on the dealbreakers early and new relationships can be nipped in the bud.

Reviewed by rhondagorz 7 / 10

Beautiful location

Absolutely beautiful location in West Kelowna, Bc Canada. Every scene was lovely. The ladies every clothing change was beautiful as was the wedding however...no connection with any of the cast all through the movie it fell flat, until the last 20 minutes after the wedding. Last 20 minutes the cast finally relaxed around each other it was like they finally embraced the parts not all stiff and reading the lines like the rest of the movie.

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