A Wife's Nightmare


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1276

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Jennifer Beals as Liz Michaels
Alex Ferris as Sean
Lola Tash as Caitlin Patterson
Dylan Neal as Gabe Michaels

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10

Not great, but good

"A Wife's Nightmare" is a very recent entry to Emmy-winning Vic Sarin's Nightmare movie series. However, it does really not become clear until almost the very end till we now why it says "Mom's" in the title. The movie runs slightly under 90 minutes as usual for these television films and the title character is played by Jennifer Beals. Thanks to "Flashdance" she is also easily the most known cast member, certainly the only star in here. However, I felt that all the other 3 major cast members played their parts as well and especially about Lola Tash we may hear a lot in the future. She plays a kind of Lolita character who her dad is attracted to, who kisses her brother and gets other boys have a crush on her.

And while I enjoyed the film overall, there are also weak aspects about it. In terms of a combination of script and acting, there are some bad moments here, such as when we see Beale's character's boss being angry at the failed presentation. Or the fight between the 2 school boys at the end. Honestly, they messed up a bit every time it went really dramatic. Possibly the worst aspect here was the soundtrack who made this Canadian movie look pretty amateurish at times. It is all quantity over quality with extremely dramatic music in fairly uninteresting sequences even.

I personally would have liked another outcome if we actually got to witness it all being misunderstood by the main character, which would actually have been credible with her history of mental health problems. Instead they offered us a story-line which wasn't too convincing with an upcoming divorce coming pretty much out of nowhere. This film has some flaws no doubt about it, but for a lifetime movie it's all okay. You cannot expect something epic here, but overall I give this one a thumbs up and no denying Lola Tash is extremely stunning.

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10

Lifetime, what did I expect

It's very sad to see beautiful, talented Jennifer Beals in a film like this, but such is the price of turning 50 in Hollywood. I give her credit -- she works much more than many other women her age. I think she could have afforded to skip this one.

Beals stars as Liz, a woman who has had a mental breakdown and recently returned to her family. She is the breadwinner; her husband Gabe is an out-of-work musician trying to put an album together. One day a young woman shows up, says her name is Caitlin and that she's Gabe's daughter. Her mother is deceased, and her will directed her daughter to him.

Since Caitlin is living out of her car, the family moves her in, and before long, she is causing problems as they await the DNA results. For one thing, she kisses her brother on the lips. Strange things begin to happen to Liz's work - files disappear when she's trying to make a presentation at work, for instance. Before long, Liz feels like she's ready for the asylum again.

It won't be hard to figure this one out. Thanks to Beals, it's not as bad as it could have been. One problem - for a presentation as major as the Beals character was giving, one would think she would have had those files on a jump drive in her office. Just saying. I saw it on Lifetime, which says it all.

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10

Help Me Make It through the Nightmare

Following a nervous breakdown, attractive businesswoman Jennifer Beals (as Elizabeth "Liz" Michaels) is sent home from the psychiatric hospital. With help from some balancing medication, Ms. Beals believes she can also return to work. This is great news, because handsome musician husband Dylan Neal (as Gabe) is still looking for a best-seller, after completing two albums. The couple have one son, cute high school-aged Spencer List (as AJ). For some unexplained reason, Mr. List can't attract a pretty girl at school. After grocery shopping one day, mom and dad are accosted by beautiful blonde 19-year-old Lola Tash (as Caitlin Patterson). She claims her recently deceased mother named Mr. Neal as her father...

This makes the sexy young woman Neal's daughter from a brief relationship, occurring way back. Presently living in her car, Ms. Tash is invited into the family. Now, remember Ms. Beals had a psychiatric problem. At first, she accepts Tash as a step-daughter. But Beals starts to see Tash getting very chummy with the family. One scene has Tash spilling a drink on her ample chest, with the camera moving in to show Neal patting out the wetness as it drips down her cleavage. Tash also makes slightly younger List giggle when tickling his upper thighs as they play video games. Beals witnesses these incidents and thinks they may not be so innocent. They are not explicit enough for us to know what's going on, supposedly...

In reality, it's fairly obvious...

This "Lifetime" TV movie never gets away from its formula, but director Vic Sarin and the cast do make it slightly better than ordinary. This is most evident in the four leading players. They remain convincing, as Mr. Sarin keeps their characterizations on track through some idiocy. Beals does not seem like she could have been crazy, but we're not shown that part of the story. List says he loves the "Underground Records" shop where Tash works, but does not recognize the gorgeous blonde who worked there is his new sister. Yet, List portrays his young teenage character very well. The opening minutes go overboard in showing Tash's emotions, but she's quite impressive. Finally, Neal definitively nails his daddy role home.

***** A Wife's Nightmare (12/27/14) Vic Sarin ~ Jennifer Beals, Lola Tash, Dylan Neal, Spencer List

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