A Winter Getaway


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 409

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Nazneen Contractor as Courtney Evans
Brooks Darnell as Joe Franklin
Stephanie Sy as Julie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pmtilton-88051 5 / 10

Music too loud!

A serious conversation between the lead actors is impossible to hear near the end of the movie, once again Hallmark has made the music too loud! Otherwise, a nice story and a good cast. Good movie, bad sound...

Reviewed by taylornan 4 / 10

addition to my review

I found the music to be so annoying. In several scenes I could not hear what the actors were saying over the VERY LOUD music!

Reviewed by psmusicpro 9 / 10

A Winter Getaway - "One of the best Hallmark films*

Particularly during this world-wide pandemic, The Hallmark films have been a perfect oasis for my wife and me. The lead actors are charming, consummate actors. They took the words written by a fine writer and made the story believable and seamless. The director also honored the writers' story. It was refreshing to see this film slightly deviate from the usual Hallmark format. I would gladly recommend this film to everyone. The viewer will spend a fast 2 hour in a beautiful setting with an excellent cast.

*This section may not end up with my sincere review above. Hallmark, I think you should read and discuss my observations. I have had a long career in the music production business. The music in this film is well written and performed by professional musicians. However, in the last 15 minutes...the two lead actors are having a very honest and loving conversation...but by most accounts the viewer will not hear the writers script or be able to respond emotionally to the two actors portraying impassioned feelings in their facial cues and vocal delivery. Why? Because for some reason, either the director, music composer or the music mix engineer at the final dubbing session decided to diminish the writers words and the actors performance by pushing the level of a singing vocalist way above the level of the actors voices. Invariably this "punch it up" surge in the singers track happens at the most important story point of the film. Thereby robbing the viewer of the time they have invested in watching the film. That is bad enough, but not six minutes later, the singing vocalist again "steps" on the last few lines of the film where the leads are trying to plan their future. This technique, of adding a song near the end of a drama, has become a popular cliche'. Grey's Anatomy is the most consistent offender of this cheap trick. For example: A lady's husband has died suddenly, by an excessive injection of the wrong medicine. At the end of the drama the apologetic Dr talks to the decedents wife..." but this is where the predictable, obligatory song that has nothing to do with the story must be sung over the Dr's apology and wife's grief.

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