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christmas time travel

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Reviewed by Nyssareen_77 6 / 10

Not perfect, but definitely worth the 84 minutes

This is a nice little indy movie with a good feeling and an interesting twist on some well-used ideas. There were a few slow spots where there was far too much watching the main character be introspective while standard Christmas music played. But on the whole, it was a cute, watchable Christmas movie.

Reviewed by rcollins313 6 / 10

Sweet movie, needed better acting

Really loved the story and the theme of this movie. It reminds us of the importance of enjoying each moment with loved ones. I loved the East Texas setting. I just wish the acting would have been better.

Reviewed by itmeansflower 3 / 10

Like a high school play. Amateurs!!!

It's not terrible, but right off that tells you a lot.

It's an interesting idea, and in the right hands could perhaps have been a really great movie. However the script needed a lot of work. There was so little character development. For instance, in one of the early scenes, when the main character meets up with her sister, it's very awkward. Yet there is no explanation or backstory provided so that you understand what is going on between them. So you're left wondering why, and never given an answer.

In general, the plot is just too basic and too predictable.

The main problem however, is the bad acting.

I hate to say it so plainly, but that is without doubt the main problem with this film. Almost the entire cast feels like they pulled them out of their very first week of acting school. The older actors that play the parents are the only ones that are believable. As far as the main character goes, I really wonder how she got her role.

So all in all I truly can't recommend this movie.

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