A Young Man with High Potential


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 646

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Amanda Plummer as Ketura Stantz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silvio-mitsubishi 6 / 10

Slick but Shallow

A well-made and glossy chiller, the film has no feeling of being anchored in reality. A talented and attractive woman comes into the orbit of a talented but isolated young man. He has a distorted view of women's sexual availability, gleaned from internet experiences, and someone does as a result.

The settings and photography are cold. There is a human emptiness that is of the moment but unfulfilling. I am not asking for every story to be a parable or a morality tale, but neither do I believe the world is made up of purely of those who kill and those who lie for them.

I do not understand Amanda Plummer's role. Was she a friend of a friend, shoehorned in to appeal to distributors? What investigation did she do? What happened before Piet met Klara? Did she have no friends to notice what she was doing? What of the professor who introduced them? Klara appears to have written much of their project; no traces? What of the parcels? Piet made few attempts to avoid touching the packing tape or printer labels. Why would an isolated individual like Piet have a sociable friend like Alex?

Klara' family must have suspected foul play (dead people do not dismember themselves), so why choose an investigator with no evident skills? The illegal migrant would become known to authorities whatever she said; why implicate herself as accessory to murder?

Overall the film feels like a half-thought out idea for a plot rather than a choate work. A few ideas are tossed in to cover discrepancies ("I have some money from a company I sold last year"), but there is no sense of who the characters are when they are off-screen, no reference points to explain their motives. A sushi delivery in the middle of the night is a bizarre red herring, while there is no explanation for why Piet would own enough cardboard boxes and packing tape to dispose of the body, or why he would have a parcel trolley sitting around.

If the intention was to make me feel uneasy it succeeded, but so would a Miss World pageant or the dissection of a small mammal. I expect more from a film than an unexplained and inexplicable evening in the company of a loner.

Reviewed by GiraffeDoor 10 / 10

Quite something. Maybe not quite a horror but do watch it.

This is a special movie. It comes from a particular place in the human psyche. A dark place; a tender place.

It's hard to quite know how to make sense of this movie when you're finished with it. It's not dense or moralistic, even if there is a little bit of moral philosophy in its dialogue. It's neither pretentious nor essay fodder.

It's a strange, quiet nightmare that is physically formidable but also touches, on an abstract level, things we don't want to think about. Watching this, one desperately wants to say "No, that could never be me. I'm not like that, I'm not like him, I just wouldn't do that". And maybe you're right, but you still watch, desperate to see the outcome and at the same time, dreading it.

The first act builds with an eerie feather touch, just developing its characters and its set up so you feel like you could be either of them. Then a few simple but unfortunate twists of fate create an experience that no one is ready for emotionally.

It is not easy to watch. We get a lot of macabre movies out there. As much as I like horror done well I'm not sure I'd call this a horror movie. This is something both better and worse than a horror movie in the familiar sense. On a physical and psychological level, this confronts us with raw reality in a way that's often hard to be grateful for.

It has a sense of humor when it needs it. It lets you feel pathos and terror. I was in suspense until the end credits. Every note in this movie is perfectly judged. They even do the begin-at-the-end-thing in a way that give you credit as a viewer. No "three months earlier" nonsense.

A movie that couldn't be more mature in every sense of the term but it never speaks down to its audience. It seeks to stimulate emotions more than the intellect but is still very clever.

It will take away a piece of innocence you didn't know you still had.

Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 8 / 10

My Review Of "A Man With High Potential"

The story is a slow burn, straight forward psychological drama that, much like the title character, spirals into darkness and horror. The thriller elements are subtle at first and the build up never really climaxes beyond the initial pace. But you know something bad is going to happen, you feel it in the small, nuanced mannerisms of Rowheder's character. There is a foreboding atmosphere that lingers through nearly every scene.

The casting choices here are brilliant choices. Especially Adam Ild Rohweder as Piet. He seems a little too comfortable and at ease in this character. A chilling, somewhat antisocial, seemingly harmless guy with a dark shadow nesting in his mind. It is a great performance. The rest of the acting feels just as natural. These are developed personas that breathe organically.

The horror comes. It takes a moment to manifest, but it hits hard. It isn't sensationalized, or glorified violence. There is no real embrace of exploitation. Everything is done carefully and almost authentically. More to the point of showing a bit more realism. That said, you can almost sense that this guy could have gone completely torture porn in his deprevity had it not been for the internal conflict taking place.

Overall "A Young Man With High Potential" is a wonderfully done, chilling psychological drama. The horror only exists pleonastically so don't think this is exploitation cinema. It is more reserved than one expects, but it is still a fully conceptualized downward spiral into a horrific event. The film is shot nicely and the practical effects and dark atmosphere, combined with a strong, timeless story make this movie worth watching.

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