Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Amari-Sali 6 / 10

Aaliyah's rise to stardom is chronicled but without the essential things needed for a decent biopic.

With all the negative press about the movie, I was certainly not expecting a film like CrazySexyCool. However, I was hoping it would perhaps at least be like Jimi: All Is By My Side and be a neutered film which at least got the casting right. Though, with Zendaya leaving, and being replaced by the unknown Alexandra Shipp, that idea flew out the window. Leaving the question: Is this movie worth seeing at all?

Characters & Story

The movie covers the time period from Aaliyah (Alexandra Shipp) being on Star Search to before she went to shoot the "Rock The Boat" video. So in the film you will see her relationship with R. Kelly (Clé Bennett), her meeting Missy Elliott (Chattrisee Dolabaille) and Timbaland (Izaak Smith), to her becoming a film star, and then her meeting Damon Dash (Anthony Grant).


Despite the slew of issues the film has, I must admit it did leave me with a strong sense of nostalgia. For seeing Shipp dress up as Aaliyah really does lead you to want to watch one of her old videos, see one of her old movies, and just sort of imagine where she might have been if she were alive.

Those depressing thoughts aside, perhaps one of the best things about this film is that there wasn't much romanticizing what happened between R. Kelly and Aaliyah. For, the way I see it anyway, he does come off as a predator in the film who is using his fame, and name, in order to woo a child who sees him as the man capable of making all her dreams come true. Outside of that, I was glad a handful of Aaliyah songs, which were covers, made it into the film. Such as "At Your Best."


I'm not going to go as far as most people did when it comes to this movie, if just because I knew from the get-go it wasn't going to be a definitive biopic. With that said, perhaps the main issue I had with this film is that because the movie didn't secure Aaliyah's music rights, it meant more dialog. Of which, the more you hear Shipp talk, it takes away from her trying to emulate Aaliyah and makes it so she is just playing dress up. For Aaliyah has this sort of mystery to her, and swag, which Shipp doesn't have. Shipp has the appeal and look of a girl next door who plays the love interest, not a star. So while she may have the clothes, and has her hair styled like Aaliyah, neither her acting, singing, nor persona, make you forget you are watching an actress imitate the Aaliyah they saw on TV.

Which is another issue for this film. It is like someone listened to a handful of Aaliyah interviews and then crafted a character based on how they perceived her. Meaning, nothing in the film makes you feel privy of what Aaliyah was like behind the scenes. If anything, it is like a groupie is telling you the story and embellishing when needed.

Overall: Skip It

Honestly, the film was doomed from the start. Lifetime isn't the type of station which seems to give a damn about anything but money and ratings. So without the family support or music, the film ends up focusing on too much dialog and thus makes the film tedious. Add on the casting choices and then it leads you to believe that Lifetime just didn't want to waste whatever money they put into the production, hence this product. Though perhaps the main reason why this film is being labeled "Skip It" is that it neither provides the insight CrazySexyCool did nor, at the very least, have a talented lead who seems deserving of being the iconic figure which is Aaliyah.

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 3 / 10

It really was that bad

I was wondering if I should click the spoilers button for this or not as the only thing I'm spoiling is stuff most people already knows about, anyways let's go.

"The Brittany Murphy Story" look like a masterpiece in comparison.

The characters were complete empty shells and Lifetime was scared to bring up any controversial subjects, it made R Kelly seem like a nice guy who just happened to fall in love with the 15 year old niece of a friend (when in fact that was not the last or probably the first time that ever happened, the girl he peed on in that infamous video was another under-aged niece of a friend and colleague of his)

And Damon Dash is (or used to be before Kanye got a voice to speak with) the biggest douche in Hollywood and his portrayal came out like nothing like that, I'm sure he wasn't douchy to Aaliyah but even when he was supposed to be angry towards those guys breaking his expensive vase he was about as threatening as a bumble bee without wings.

And yeah there just wasn't any sort of story in this movie and it was flooded with song performances (of non Aaliyah songs sung by someone who didn't have half the talent Aaliyah had).

And they even dodged making it an exciting plane-crash ending where the pilot knew they had over-packed the plane to the point where it wasn't safe to land, but not wanting to rub any elbows they decided to just end it right before she went to shoot the vid.

It was just the definition of bland and not taking any risks whatsoever, and no wonder that the family didn't give their support to the making of this movie.

Reviewed by afijamesy2k 1 / 10

About as incredibly dreadful as a old toilet paper from the 90's.

Now Aaliyah will always be the greatest singer of my generation and the princess of r&b, but this lifeless, dull and hack and completely truly dreadful biopic of the great singer is so bad in all fronts that it makes all of the others like classic masterpieces, it brings nothing new to the story, no plot, the performances are really bad, we all know the story, aaliyah was born in 1979 and in 1994 at the age of 15 she meets R. Kelly and marries him under aged after that they got divorced, then in 2000 she meets dame dash formally of the defunct rocafella and one year the plane crash and she was killed instantly, just 2 weeks before 9/11,the story is completely and absolutely flawed, there is nothing remotely good about this TV movie, it is embarrassing, silly and very predicable and truly absolute pointlessness, this is a terribly truly dreadful TV movie and the absolute worst of tube of 2014, no doubt about that.

I Gave it my lowest rating an F.

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