Aapko Pehle Bhi Kahin Dekha Hai


Action / Comedy / Drama / Musical / Romance

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 262

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Om Puri as Shyam 'Sam'
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vibeydiva 10 / 10

Today's Entertainer

I Completely agree with the deepshikha, Priyanshu's eyes are prettier than sakshi's.

Movie is todays entertainer, a light movie yet full of emotion, comedy rich cinematography, decency and leaves a touch. A special reference of dance scene where sakshi asks her father (Om Puri)for a dance infront of Priyanshu brings a very spontaneous happiness to father. Cinematography is excellent. Anubhav is putting his anubhav from past into scope. Tum Bin and now APBKDH.... amazing.

A special reference to dance in song 'pyar se nazar mili' where the facial expression of everyone including dance troupe in scope are very real makes it so intense.

Reviewed by CAMKG 8 / 10

Finally, a true romantic comedy

Bollywood has very few of these: romantic comedies. Primarily because filmmakers have this tremendous predisposition with melodrama - whether it is required or not is another matter. But APBKDH sticks to its themes of romance and comedy right till the end.

Every romantic comedy has to have a built-in hindrance that will stop the couple from living happily ever after till the penultimate reel, sometimes even the penultimate shot. You know that before the credits roll. But what you look forward to is journey to that moment, which will hopefully be an enjoyable and entertaining one. In APBKDH, this journey is a very enjoyable one.

Om Puri gives a phenomenally humorous performance as the protagonist of the film - yup he is THE MAIN character of the film. I guess it is a great testimonial to the fact that if you are a professionally trained actor, you can do a wider range of work, something that our so-called stars are oblivious to. Priyanshu impresses once again after Tum Bin that he has a great screen presence and his comedic timing with Om Puri is quite good. Saakshi has to look good and mouth her limited lines competently which she does very well. She definitely looks ravishing throughout the film and is very comfortable on the screen.

Anubhav Sinha's talent lies in giving the supporting characters some substance rather than present them as mere caricatures. In that sense, Fairda Jalal does a good job. Nikhil-Vinay's score though not as good as Tum Bin, is still listenable and goes well with the film. What I was impressed about the film was Sinha and Dabral's script which never hammers your sensibilities at any point but has you smiling, giggling or somberly staring with moistened eyes. Sinha never drives the point home. He subtly suggests them with a common sense and intelligence that seems foreign to mainstream Bollywood.

So, I guess now we know that Tum Bin was not a streaky fluky effort from a novice. It was the first film from someone who knows his craft well. 8/10.

Reviewed by cseabhi 7 / 10

A sweet story!

Well, all were having high hopes from Anubhav Sinha after Tum Bin. But Anubhav Sinha - Priyanshu Chatterjee fails to live up to the audience expectation this time. But for me, I really really liked the film.

The story is about the suspended cop( Samar, played by Priyanshu Chatterjee) who comes to Calgary searching for a criminal and there he falls in love with a successful Indian businessman(Sam, played by Om Puri), who is very protective about her daughter( Pakhi, played by Sakshi Shivanand). There is also some other characters like Om Puri's elder sister(Asha 'Jiji', played by Farida Jalal) who supports Pakhi and likes Samar very much. Om puri however isn't sure about Samar and have some reservations about him.

The story is very much predictable and has been set up in Calgary where Anubhav Sinha shot Tum Bin. The story seems to be inspired from Father of the Bride.

What is special about the movie is the sweetness in the film. This is basically a romantic comedy and feel good type of cinema. Bond shown between father and daughter is very sweetly picturised and the scenes of Om Puri and Priyanshu are very humorous. Farida Jalal deserves special mention as the bond between her and Om puri as brohter sister bond is very warm and they really compliment each other. Priyanshu as the lead actor is really good. Sakshi does a decent job and she is looking beautiful throughout the film. Manoj Pahwa as Priyanshu's friend does an excellent job.

Music of the movie deserves a metion. From Aisi Aankhein Nahi Dekhi to Baba ki rani ho, each song is soulful and touches your heart. The cinematography is breathtaking. Anubhav Sinha captures the beauty of Calgary very well.

As for direction, Anubhav Sinha has done a decent job in the movie.

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