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Allison Miller as Claudia Newman
Ross McCall as Ryan Newman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eboneezermac 10 / 10

Stunningly heartbreaking film.

At first it takes you on a journey that you're unsure of why the couple are doing it. It alludes to the breaking up of the lead couples marriage. (There are only three characters in the whole movie). Then things begin to unravel and you understand why they felt the need to re-explore their relationship in the place they spent their honeymoon years before.

It's more than just a man/woman thing. I found myself identifying with both characters in many ways. I can understand why the film-makers don't give too much away, as the ending absolutely broke me and my partner. It really forces you to remember to love and how to deal with heartbreak. I actually think this film has a really important and lovely message. I told my partner how much I loved them over and over after watching it. Bravo!

Reviewed by whitelili-42359 2 / 10

About us movie

This movie gives you nonstop pain!

In all movies pain and joy are mostly together to gives a break to audience!

But after lots of sad moments in the last scene it leaves you with a bad feeling of lost and regret.

But anyway i likes the moral of story!

Do what ever you like to do before it's too late.

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