Abrupt Decision


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 104

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whmamrsh 10 / 10

Must See Film

First I want to say that I will not give away any spoilers in my review. This film, as well as director Paul Bright's other films, is an alternative to the crop of gay themed films that are out there. Abrupt Decision has a complete story line, good acting, believable characters and not filled with a bunch of non acting eye candy. The story revolves around the main character Denis, played by the wonderful Steve Callahan, who life seems to be spiraling out of control. He loses his job, his relationship is falling apart and his mother is ill. When his life seems to be at its lowest point he finds his true passion in life. As usual, Paul Bright tells a complete story that doesn't leave the viewer scratching their heads. I highly recommend this film for anyone looking for a gay themed film that doesn't revolve around the typical clichés that dominate gay cinema. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by TBROUGH 10 / 10

Puppy Love

Denis is having a rotten week. He just lost his job of 11 years. His relationship is gone stale, and rocky. His Mother, a sweet and overbearing woman, is seriously ill. With all the turmoil going on around him, what does Mom suggest? "Get a dog." But when Denis goes to the pound and can't decide which dog he wants, the one he finally chooses is gone when he goes back. When he finds out why, Dennis decides exactly what his modern mid-life crisis needs.

He makes his "Abrupt Decision" (the fifth feature from filmmaker Paul Bright) when he realizes that his creative collapse mirrors that of the dogs' dangerous lives. With some inspiration from his Mom (Cynthia Schiebel) and the reluctant support of his partner, Milosz (David LaDuca), Denis (Steve Callahan) decides that saving the lives of animals and educating people on their care is his way into a meaningful second act. You know how the saying goes, if you don't want to be upstaged in a movie, stay away from children and dogs? Despite the superb job by Steve and David, the pups are "Abrupt Decision's" scene stealers. But beware. Even with the cute pooches running amuck, this is a very emotionally striking movie.

In the new economy, where men like Denis can find their lives upended and discover that your expertise vaporized after 50, there are many among us who will relate to the impact of "Abrupt Decision's" story. As Denis struggles to find the right decisions in matters of utmost importance, you may put down the doggy treats and reach for the hankies. I'll certainly say that the film is a must-see for pet-lovers, but it also carries an intimate, personal life story.

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