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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by veryprivateswag 1 / 10

Lamest movie ever

Dunno how this won any kind of awards, was boring and the use of music in it was atrocious......worse thing is I went into this really wanting to like this movie as I thought the premise was interesting but poor execution ruined it.

Reviewed by notom-23012 4 / 10

Something Missing....

A hard movie to get your head round - the premise of the movie offers promise but fails to deliver.

The two main actors: Bramwell Noah as 'The Devil' is excellent in his role - giving a low key performance that oozes just the right amount of menace mixed with bafflement at the human experience. Daniel Schepisi - as 'Jesus' also shines - a very charismatic actor.

Outside of these two actors I have to rate the rest of the cast as pretty poor - sorry - but just saying your lines is not acting. Rarely have I seen such an un-emotive cast - especially considering the setting - a Psychiatric Unit.

The soundtrack was dismal - more a hash of random music clips strung together then a soundtrack.

Not entirely sure what the addition of the Solicitor, Private Investigator et al were supposed to add to the the movie - and in retrospect, I'd have to say that they mere detracted from the general flow.

Conclusion: A watchable movie but lacking any kind of real spark.

Reviewed by joeratcliffe 10 / 10

underrated and not everyones cup of tea, but.............

Well worth a watch, those with a short attention span probably wont like this but if you give a chance and watch it through you wont be disappointed, unconventional to say the least, thought provoking and has a occasional comedic moment. Ive seen so many different types of movie and i found this to be unique, at a 5.3 rating (at the time of this review) you'd be forgiven for giving it a miss but ratings are not everything as everyone is different. if you have time to watch this movie i urge you to do so. i wont say anymore as i don't want to spoil the film.

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