Act Like You Love Me


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 337

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Essence Atkins as Kelly
Shari Headley as Tianna
Denyce Lawton as Susan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quisha-01195 6 / 10

Fun romantic comedy

Good acting. Nice storyline,well known names in the movie is a plus

Reviewed by EmmaNelly 8 / 10

Love this movie!

This movie was a total gem! I had not heard of it until I found it on Netflix and randomly decided to watch because of Christian KEYES!!! I also like Essence. She plays characters that are down to earth and easy to connect with. I did want to scream at her family a few times but overall I was rooting for all of the characters. This is a movie that I can totally watch again. Did I mention a shirtless Christian Keyes? This story is super cute and does not disappoint. I love how they got together in the end. I almost cried tears of joy. Another cute story and another believable class of actors. I wish more people can enjoy the movie.

Reviewed by worddiva 7 / 10

Held my interest all the way through

This movie was pretty good--definitely better than I thought it would be. But since I tend to like pretty much anything with Essence Atkins and Lynn Whitfield (Christian too, but I just like looking at him period no matter what he does or says), I figured it'd be worth a watch as long as I didn't expect too much. There are a lot of godawful, ridiculously foolish Black romantic comedies out there that leave me feeling robbed of minutes off my life, but this surely isn't one of them. It had all the really important elements: likable, believable characters with unique stories and perspectives (plus a couple of not-so-unique stories) as well as intensely unlikable characters, interesting and well thought-out plot and subplot, and good dialogue and acting. It was a fresh spin on an old plot, and it even had a few funny parts--like Joe Torry and that crazy song, and Christian acting like he was sleeping on that bean bag. LOL

In fact, the only bad thing about this movie was Denyce Lawton's makeup at the party. It didn't match her complexion AT ALL. It looked like she was wearing a discolored mask!! Why in the world was her face green? Oh, wait...maybe it was supposed to be green to represent "envy."

Um, no. LOL

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