Active Stealth


Action / Adventure / Crime / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
IMDb Rating 3.4 10 460

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Ava Fabian as Sgt. Baker
Andrew Stevens as Capt. Jack Stevens
Shannon Whirry as Gina Murphy
Daniel Baldwin as Capt. Murphy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kundelal 9 / 10

Director's commentary is utterly hilarious

The only way to watch this movie is with director's commentary on!

Which the movie itself is sub-par, maybe even below, I can't help but watch this movie over and over again.

Whether its the director talking about

-trying to get the actor's to shoot less blanks in exchange for more taco's -how one can't remove his super bowl rings and even points out a scene -how he wrestles some of the actor's -using the sub set from "Periscope Down" as a aircraft carrier -renting a plane prop from "JAG" that had no wings -always killing an actor -using a wal mart plastic airplane and holding it with his hands -The stock footage of a stealth plane and the one rented from JAG are completely different -simulating clouds with cigar smoke and a fan -Did I mention that for every blank you shoot that costs a dollar,and with that dollar we could buy another taco! -A water bottle is a cheap and effective sound effect to simulate the breaking of your neck

Ever since I saw this movie Daniel Baldwin is my hero, one day I too can be the 'Lost' Baldwin Brother.

Reviewed by bizz-2 1 / 10


What is wrong with this movie? E V E R Y T H I N G!!!

An absolute piece of crap, with no storyline and lame acting...what can I say? If you havent seen it you're missing the most absurd film ever!

A must see if you are a masochist or just in case you want to get rid of your wife's sister...

Reviewed by gws-2 1 / 10


Everything in this movie stinks -- from a fat and wasted looking William Baldwin to an insulting inattention to military detail. I don't expect much from mine-run action flicks but this one was incredibly bad, even by my relaxed standards for the genre. For example, as our heroes are flying in to make the rescue (don't ask), a young female soldier asks the Colonel back at the base, "Do you think they have a chance, sir?" to which the Colonel answers, "Not a chance in hell, but they might make it anyway." Perhaps the only trite line I did not hear was, "It's an old trick, but it just might work." Maxwell Smart would have been comfortable in this one.

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