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Reviewed by boblipton 6 / 10

You Want A Child?

Katalin Berek has a checkup She's 42 and wants to see if she can have a child. She wants one, but her lover doesn't. He is a married man, and they understand he's not going to leave his family. Miss Berek is trying to write a letter apologizing for upsetting him when Gyöngyvér Vigh walks into her life. Miss Vigh has her own letter, this one to her mother saying she's been neglected, and she is going off to lead her own life. Then, while she's putting her own life in order, she stays with Miss Berek.

Márta Mészáros's movie about what defines family is neither subtle nor deep, but watching Miss Berek figure it out on her own is rather interesting, and reasonably paced; I never grew impatient with her not getting it sooner. Even the 1970s depression that hangs over this movie and never quite lifts seems appropriate.

Reviewed by lasttimeisaw 8 / 10

Mészáros' female instinct and acuteness prevails in this heartfelt, earnest gem

"Remarkably, she doesn't opt for a radical strategy to tackle the sexism issue head on, Kata, through Berek's sterling interpretation, who particularly resembles Helen Mirren but foregrounds her steely fortitude, unalloyed emotion to the fore with flying colors, is not designed to be a crusader, no banner is brandished, no rousing speech is required, she is a feminist fighter in the most pragmatical way, do the right thing within her capacity, she sees the problems (whether it is in the self-seeking Jóska or the national institution), but realistically, she is not in the right position to challenge the status quo, in lieu, she smartly capitalizes on her savoir-faire to get things undone, actions are louder than words, Kata is a heroine that we can all emulate."

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Reviewed by MOscarbradley 10 / 10

One of the key films of the seventies.

One of the great films about women made by a woman, Marta Meszaros' "Adoption" is about the most fundamental need of many women, to be a mother. Kata is a 43 year old widow, living alone but having an affair with a married man who is not prepared to leave his wife. One day she asks him to father a child with her, which she will raise alone, but he refuses. Then she meets Anna, a young girl from the local boarding school, who asks Kata if she can use her house to meet her boyfriend. A friendship develops between them that might lead to all their problems being solved.

Meszaros shoots her film mostly in close-ups as if by focusing on these faces we are also getting inside their heads. It's an unusual treatment of an unusual subject, one that in an American film would have been sentimentalised out of all proportion. As Kata, Katalin Berek is extraordinarily good and the director, one-time wife of Miklos Jansco, never deviates from the intensity of her subject, making this a deeply moving film. Not much seen these days, this remains a key film of the seventies.

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