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Kristen Stewart as Em Lewin
Ryan Reynolds as Mike Connell
Kristen Wiig as Paulette
Jesse Eisenberg as James Brennan
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Reviewed by Paul Kydd 7 / 10

Adventureland ***½ (7/10)

Available on Blu-ray Disc (Region B)

USA 2008 English (Colour); Comedy/Drama/Romance (Miramax/Sidney Kimmel/This is that); 107 minutes (15 certificate)

Crew includes: Greg Mottola (Director/Screenwriter); Sidney Kimmel, Anne Carey, Ted Hope (Producers); William Horberg, Bruce Toll (Executive Producers); Terry Stacey (Cinematographer); Stephen Beatrice (Production Designer); Anne McCabe (Editor); Yo La Tengo (Composers)

Cast includes: Jesse Eisenberg (James Brennan), Kristen Stewart (Em Lewin), Ryan Reynolds (Mike Connell), Martin Starr (Joel), Margarita Levieva (Lisa P.), Kristen Wiig (Paulette), Bill Hader (Bobby), Matt Bush (Tommy Frigo), Wendie Malick (Mrs Brennan), Jack Gilpin (Bill Brennan), Paige Howard (Sue O'Malley), Dan Bittner (Pete O'Malley), Josh Pais (Mr Lewin), Mary Birdsong (Francy Lewin), Barrett Hackney (Munch), Michael Zegan (Eric)

"Nothing brings people together like a crappy summer job."

When a recent college graduate's (Eisenberg) plans for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe are dashed, he is forced to get a summer job in a tacky, run-down amusement park, where he suffers numerous indignities, falls in love with a beautiful but troubled co-worker (Stewart), and has the worst/best time of his life.

A gently amusing, genuinely touching, only occasionally gross-out coming-of-age comedy-drama, set in 1987 to an apt, song-based soundtrack (including the perfect, repetitious use of Falco's annoying but popular "Rock Me Amadeus").

First of three films (so far) to pair Eisenberg with Stewart; SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE players Hader (frenetic) and Wiig (subdued) are priceless as the park's oddball owners.

Blu-ray Extras: Commentary, Featurette, Deleted Scenes, Short Films. *** (6/10)

Reviewed by kiowhatta 6 / 10


If only every teen were so understatedly cool, rich in philosophical epigrams, clumsy teen wisdom, perfect lips and complete socio- political awareness, such that they could be elected to both a fashion academy and junior political staffer within ten minutes of existence. These characters are plausible, complex, angst-ridden, curious and frustrated, not to mention either semi-professional pouters with luscious buttocks or revenge of the nerd's candidates who are virgins.

As for the plot, it ebbs and flows, straining to be serious and relevant one sequence, and then 80's pop culture parody ripe with obvious references the next.

I wanted to like this movie as it had it's charms and moments, but I just couldn't shake the cringe factor running through my muscles like nervous tension every time a cute guy or girl swanned into the frame.

This is standard Saturday-night fare if you're lonely and bored, and able to access porn afterward. (Did I just type that?) No, it was Kristen Stewart who's lips are putting all over my keyboard.

Reviewed by Stuart Fisher 8 / 10

Love and life collide

It's difficult to know how to rate Adventureland. It's a film that's all about the relationships between the characters. The theme park just provides a backdrop and a reason for the characters to all be in the same place at the same time.

If you can relate to what the characters are going through, you will love this film. If not, you'll probably find it boring as it is quite slow going. There are moments of humour but the story is primarily about the chaotic lives of all the characters. In my experience, life really is just like that, so I enjoyed it a lot.

One negative is that Kristen Wiig is given top billing but she isn't really in it at all. When she is on screen she's given almost nothing to do, which is a waste. On the plus side, when she is on screen, the scene always includes Bill Hader too and he's brilliant in this :-)

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