Adventures Into the Woods: A Sexy Musical


Comedy / Fantasy / Musical

IMDb Rating 4.5 10 184

musical erotic movie softcore

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by polariskunn2003 1 / 10

Hol eee sheet.

I mean you think know what youre getting into by the title alone. I knew it would be bad, but wow. The songs all sound the same. and like somebody's dad just started singing over the pre-recorded music of a Casio keyboard. The lyrics when you can understand them aren't much better, There's a weird politically motivated song in the prison that is 100% out of place in this movie. The singing kind of all sounds the same, again imagine someone's drunk dad or mom doing karaoke after having one too many at the beach house. The choreography consists of swaying and some of the actors can't even do that right. The jokes are lame. I'd say if you're only watching it for the nudity and Cinemax level sex you're definitely putting up with too much to get there. The only one who is doing a halfway decent job is Allie Haze who is doing her best with this garbage script, and the guy doing a bad Kermit impression. Also the movie opens up with like 0 context. She's in a lab and there's a wormhole inside her and it sends her to fairy tail land. If you love bad movies like I do this one has to be seen to be believed.

Reviewed by Scotty747 4 / 10

It's pretty obvious what you're getting into with this movie

The review of this movie by polariskunn2003 is not very accurate. He's right when he says that the songs all sound the same, and the songs are horrible, but the singers don't sound drunk or like somebody's dad. They just sound like actors in a studio singing mediocre music.

Also, the song in the prison, which is pretty much about the Earth being round, is not really political at all, unless you happen to be flat-Earther.

Anyways, the movie is bad, but not as much as polariskunn2003 makes it out to be.

Reviewed by ddiegel-76681 8 / 10

Silly Funny Musical Skin Flick

For the genre of softcore parodies, this is certainly one of the most entertaining I've seen. There are a variety of nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and children's movies tied into the storyline. There are songs and clothed, non-sexual dances. One of the more interesting ones was a boy who was turned in an animal and begins a catchy tune at a bar about being a Tijuana sex donkey. There was plenty of nudity interspersed throughout, but only one depiction of "sex", which involves a man in a wolf suit and is meant to be more funny than sensual.

These movies aren't intended to be Hollywood blockbusters, and should not be judged as such. I think they did a great job making this a silly skin flick.

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