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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wiz-88245 8 / 10

I felt like it was a 1950's Black & White novel transferred to the big screen

I live 24 miles from the Tampa Movie Theatre we watched it in. I noticed many of the negative ratings were from people where it hadn't even shown yet.???) I was a bit unsure b/c I felt the advances were telling me it was going be grizzly, but I went to see Mickey Rourke. I think many missed the point of how the music dialog and scenes were matched. Mickey always disturbs me. The movie was a fun watch, and was reminiscent of Mickey Spillane novel, but with an undertone.

Reviewed by amy_ross16 9 / 10

Suprisingly entertaining crime-drama.

To be clear, the trailer released by Lionsgate cheapened the film in my opinion. It felt like a generic action movie they usually churn out. And the poster didn't win me over either. I was fearful this would be another Collateral rip-off (which it wasn't). I read both positive and negative reviews of this film but there always tends to be extreme biase as to why it is rated the way it is. But then I did read the strong review from Variety and other professional reviewers and that started to get my interest. Because there wasn't too much choice of films to watch, I gave this a shot.

What surprised me is that this is much more of a drama than an action film to start off with. There are some sad moments that actually got me in the film. Later on it changes from drama to revenge thriller and that's when the action starts to pour in. Despite a few things here and there I would have changed, I found myself really getting into this story. I'm going to be upfront and say that while I did like Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler, I haven't loved any of his films or acting afterwards. And he starts off as this typical cold gangster I would expect while rolling my eyes. But as the film progressed, I started to understand his character more and even sympathize with him. Ultimately, he won me over and became the best part of this film in my opinion. I applaud Mr. Metcalfe for his character development of Caden.

Ethan played by an unrecognizable Thomas Ian Nichols was a very aggressive, angsty man hell bent on revenge for his sister played by a convincing Kelly Arjen. But I admire how he uses actual cunning and skill to get to each of them instead of straight brute force until he loses it in a scene similar to Oldboy.

One complaint I had is that I wish there had been some more character development of some of the other characters such as Matt Ryan's Jake or Andrew Keegan's Jan who appears to be just an "evil cocksucker" as stated by Rourke. Other characters like neighbor Chloe and boyfriend Lars tend to get lost in the shuffle.

There were some nice artistic touches here and the camera usage was well done. I am wondering what have been if Mr. Metcalfe had been given a much larger budget. While this movie isn't for everyone, I think if you like crime dramas or thrillers similar to Taxi Driver, this one is pretty much up your alley.

Reviewed by freedomkreative 8 / 10

Great cast. Great movie. Must watch.

Gotta say, it's really cool to see all these awesome actors in one movie. I really enjoyed this one and I really recommend it to anyone for 2021! Great work!!

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