2009 [SPANISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Entheogenesis 8 / 10

A Great Exploration of Mid-Life Ennui & Hard-Core Partying

I cannot believe this film is only rating 5.1! I thought it was a gripping, gritty and realistic descent into the sort of nightlife madness which comes along once in a while when people are determined to push things to the edge of the envelope. Fragile mental states are exposed, as is the inevitable questioning of the worth of everyday reality when one enters those altered states and environments. What drives these characters to do what they do? Is it worth it? What does it cost them, etc? The cinematography and direction are both outstanding. As are the characters and the acting. In short, I loved it!

Reviewed by Gordon_123 1 / 10

Basura a la española

This film is a complete waste of time and obviously is a product of some script writer and director who seem to believe anybody can be interested in the false adventures of sex, alcohol and drugs of three morally bankrupt mentally ill people they try to present as normality.

The viewers cannot be impressed, seduced, surprised nor enriched in anyway by this nonsense of film which lacks all credibility because of the age of the characters who would have to be much younger to live that sort of nightlife.

In summary, a repulsive, boring, and totally lacking any imagination film that would be better in yesterday's waste bin. Yesterday's because it is already burnt in the garbadge dump.

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