Drama / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 5.3 10 2020

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Ashley Greene as Natalie Dadich
Diana Hopper as Avery
Susan Walters as Farrah
Ross McCall as Nick Scott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by egeakyuz 5 / 10

What has happened to the lover?

This is not the first movie that the evil actually is a human being hiding in the walls. So it s too easy to predict. But what i actually wonder is that what happened to the lover living in the walls? He seems he lived a pretty normal life to his what? 40 s.? Why he turned to evil? It s like his lover forced him to live there and he lost his mind? Or when the woman chose her husband at the end he lost his mind and killed them both? And if that is the situation it still doesnt make sense that his current mentol situation and his behaviours to the New owners of the house.. Why he killed the Sister i mean?

Still except for the end, not a very bad movie.

Reviewed by amsterdam230725 3 / 10

I'm confused

The final "one month later" scene where everyone lives happily ever after was actually almost laughoutloud funny. Ok so it's been one month since your sister(/in law) was murdered, your dog was murdered, and you were stalked, assaulted and nearly murdered by an actual freak monster, in addition to being brought in serious danger/stalked by a whole other, unrelated person. You already had serious marital and financial issues prior and unrelated to this. But it's all good now? Ok Aftermath. Also how did they sell the house and were happily moving out when previously it was an issue that they couldn't because they couldn't afford the financial loss? Surely the house didn't go up in value after EVERYTHING else that transpired? Why is everything solved? Why is no one extremely traumatised, in shock, grieving and broke? Maybe because it was already one month later tho.

Two more things concerning the husband: 1 can we forever get rid of the spouse-not-being-believed trope, especially with the extremely lazy pop psychology "oh she cheated on him so they have Trust Issues". Would that really make him this sceptical that she has paranoid hallucinations and can't tell reality apart from nightmares anymore? Seems like kind of a different league of spousal suspicion. She herself literally showed him a bunch of pictures on her phone, terrified, that someone had taken of her while she was asleep, and he brushed it off with "hmm idk maybe it was your BOYFRIEND" and just left it at that snarky comment. What?!? ... And 2 did he really get into bed with the decomposed body of his wife's sister thinking it was his wife and cuddle up to her. A decomposing body. Wouldn't that smell so bad your neigbours would be throwing up from the smell in their separate homes but ok I'm not a scientist

The psychology behind the final monster of the show was kinda haphazerdly implied and alluded to but not really explained, didn't seem to make a lot of sense and was definitely very very overdramatic but that's fine for the genre I guess.

Reviewed by lasse_hj 8 / 10

What a great surprise!

I expected to be entertained by a just above average movie, but the low ratings made me wary, and I wasn't quite sure about it... Boy was I surprised! In a good way.

First of all - people call this movie slow. Ahm, it's called SUSPENSE!! And it worked really well.

It's not 100% horror, but actually a mix of horror, drama, mystery and thriller. A lot could go wrong with that formula, but it's well written, very entertaining and very well acted. So many great hidden hints along the way; camera angles, sounds etc. But I'm not going to give anything away. Just watch it.

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