Agatha and the Midnight Murders



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Helen Baxendale as Agatha Christie
Blake Harrison as Travis Pickford
Morgan Watkins as Rocco Vella
Alistair Petrie as Sir Malcolm Campbell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zenjunkie 2 / 10


Somehow I got a third of the way through this debacle of a movie before I realised I may totally lose the will to live if I watched a second more. Helen Baxendale, totally miscast, did the best she could with the abysmal script, but could do nothing to improve it. The rest of the characters did nothing but annoy, and the acting in general was amateurish. The supposed comic moments were unfunny and embarrassing and the suspense was conspicuous by its absence. The occasional bad language seemed way out of character and the actual story was about as interesting as fishing. I regret every second I wasted on this - even the time spent writing this frigging review! What a waste of effort. I have been generous giving it 2 stars. Watch this at your own peril.

Reviewed by keithfmanaton 4 / 10

4 stars for getting some fool to air this!

If this wasn't badged as an Agatha Chistie, it still would be a rambling poorly acted mish mash. We were actually looking forward to the ad breaks. Plodding along with a scattering of swear words, 3rd rate jokes and violent deaths doesn't make an Agatha Christie murder 'mystery'.

Reviewed by tardis-61803 2 / 10

Just awful

The acting was awful, the only suspicion character that was acting really weirdly was obviously the killer and there was no big twists. Wasted an hour and a half of my life!

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