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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beckrobbins 8 / 10

Suprisingly touching

I watched this with my boyfriend expecting it to be one of those macho action films so was pleasantly surprised that there were heartfelt relationships between the characters mainly the lead character Clarence and his sister and prison buddy Bernie. Sure there are the usual prison movie clichés like the creepy rapist and the escape story but I managed to overlook those because of the good characters and decent acting. Enjoyed it more than I expected to.

Reviewed by parry_na 7 / 10

Economically told character study.

From the prolific stable of Andrew Jones and North Bank Entertainment comes this rare step away from the horror genre. 'Alcatraz' is a fairly large story told economically. Whilst occasionally flawed, it works rather well.

While we spend much time in the company of the escapees, we don't really get to know them because they are pretty much one-note. Not a criticism, but Clarence, for example, is the decent stoical type and remains so, whilst Joe (Patrick O'Donnell) begins as the scowling 'big man' who scowls until the very end. So, while there's no deep psychology going on here, the characters are interesting enough to carry the film.

Instead of dwelling on the physical demands and derring-do of an actual prison escape, Jones' script deals instead with the relations between the characters (mainly male, with Jones regular Harriet Rees playing Alice, Clarence's sister), mainly played by talented English actors sporting American accents. Alcatraz interiors were filmed in Brighton, Bristol and San Francisco, whilst there is lots of establishing location filming at the exteriors of Alcatraz prison. My score for this is 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by highlanderlambert 8 / 10

good drama

Although the cover gives the impression this is an action movie its actually more of a character drama and despite some obvious budget restrictions the film mostly succeeds. A very intense performance from the actor playing the main criminal jacks up the tension in the hostage sequences and there are some strong supporting turns from the Warden and lead actor playing the youngest prisoner. Just don't expect a dynamic action flick because this is a contained drama chronicling the growing tension between a group of dangerous characters.

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