2019 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brennaus 8 / 10

Funny, captivating, and heart-warming story about a young woman's path to self-determination

Astonishing feature debut by Australian director Josephine Mackerras, seen at SXSW (with an Q&A with the director, the film was the winner of Narrative Feature Competition at SXSW): Alice (a remarkable performance by first-time actress Emilie Piponnier) is happily married with a caring husband and a sweet little boy. Suddenly, her husband disappears, leaving her with her son, no money and a heavy mortgage on their apartment. She finds out, her husband was living a secret second life, spending all of her money on escort girls. Out of desperation and the perspective of becoming homeless, she starts working as a high-end escort girl herself. She befriends with a fellow escort girl, earns enough money to keep her flat, and gains a sense of independence and self-determination she never had before in her marriage. - The movie is absolutely stunning, a fascinating story that kept me captivated all through the end, beautifully shot, and an highly atmospheric soundtrack. In many parts, it is extremely funny (minor spoiler: e.g. the first scene in the hotel), sometimes horrifying (the phone call with Alice's mother). Probably shot with a small budget, the movie looks really expensive--the art direction, the camerawork, the soundtrack are skilfully set up. Emilie Piponnier impressively plays the role of a young woman finding her inner voice. Strongly recommended!

Reviewed by mjfhhh 10 / 10

If it's not a masterpiece of indie movie making it is bloody close to being one

Alice is living a simple and happy life with her loving husband and a little son until her world turns upside down. Her husband disappears with all her money and as she is behind on mortgage repayments she is about to be evicted from her apartment. In order to save her home she needs to pay an exorbitant amount of money every two weeks. There's only one way she can make that much money and that is to become a high class hooker.

In the beginning of the movie session the director Josephine Mackerras expressed her concern that the movie may not live up to everyone's expectations. "This is a very small movie!" she said. It seems pretty big to me.

In fact this is probably the most focused and beautiful writing I have experienced in film in years. The script here is everything, simple but multilayered, with relatable slightly damaged characters we can identify with, with just enough tension to be thrilling and not going over the top, hitting all the right spots of dramatic, humorous and even slightly scary along the way.

Mackerras managed to squeeze many ideas into the film, yes it's about feminism but it's also about family, growing up, forgiveness and life choices. And like all movies made in Paris it's a little bit about Paris.

Emilie Piponnier is an inspired casting choice for loyal and stoic Alice, a loving wife who always has her husband's back but who doesn't flinch when hard choices are to be made. Piponnier has the ability to transform from girl next door pretty to stunningly beautiful, the same way she moves from fragility to strength delivering a complex character that carries the story forward.

ALICE is a thoroughly engaging movie with a satisfying finale that makes the audience cheer. If it's not a masterpiece of indie movie making it is bloody close to being one.

Reviewed by anxiousgayhorseonketamine 9 / 10

A really cool film despite the darkness therein

Very good acting. Not often you see an Australian film made in Paris with French actors; also Franco-Australian and polyglot Martin George Swabey.

It has a bittersweet feel to it all

At first you have a very yucky ad-like perfect nuclear family; then it blows up; well we did say nuclear; always a possibility ...

The main actress is plausible in most scenes; plausible as an angelic housewife; plausible as a high-class escort. The main actor plays the twisted self-pitying soul to perfection.

It unrolls effortlessly and STYLISHLY all the way through

I personally often accuse films of lacking rhythm; lacking beat. This one has oodles of both. But a slow lancinating one.

The only slight blemish if wishing to be picky is that it is a film where men are untrustworthy bestards (sic) but you would not have a story otherwise; touch of the Girl Power if one considers that selling one's God-given charms is a liberation; which is intimated at least once ... or twice

Anyway overall an UNUSUAL piece an accomplished piece; we hope the director Josephine Mackerras will strike again soon

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