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Reviewed by milkhole213 1 / 10

Almost makes one long for Alien Surveillance

Alien: Battlefield Earth is a confusing, disjointed mess combining Roswell, Ancient Aliens, The Betty/Barney Hill case, Greys and Reptilians all into one almost indigestible stew. This is obviously a pandemic era film as none of the cast are ever really together and we get lots of uninteresting zoom dialogue scenes including two characters we barely know and don't care about revealing they are pregnant. Well, just the woman obviously. There's also lots of dialogue between admittedly well-done CG Grey aliens including a roided up one looking kind of like an alien Bautista. There's some scenes of cities being destroyed and space battles but much of it seems to have been taken from disparate sources (including Ancient Aliens!) so it comes off poorly. Apparently the Grey/Human war has something to do with the Greys from the Roswell crash being held captive. Unbelievably Earth holds it's own in the battle and the Greys want to sue for peace. The production values on this aren't too bad for this sort of thing but it's just such an uninteresting, unfocused slog it just has precious little to offer. There's even a non-ending in an apocalyptic future which sets up an unwanted sequel. Another wretched "Walmart" horror/sci-fi film and the worst US/UK co-production since World War II.

Reviewed by ak6702 1 / 10

Glad I stole my copy....

Not even a good movie ...was a mess from the start. Hard to believe someone made this .I feel bad for everyone involved. If there was any way of giving it less than a star I would.

Reviewed by gemstone_w 1 / 10


This is very bad. Its got the worst daytime TV "acting". The men are worse than the women but the women hit every clichéd stereotype

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