Alien Domicile


Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phenomynouss 1 / 10

Half a movie, at best

This film is 1 hour and 15 minutes according to the run time. Being generous and understanding, this is not a complete film. Almost nothing is explained, and things happen with absolutely no dramatic impact and no clue as to what is even happening.

Being more realistic, this feels like a summary of a film with all the dialogue written, and then directed by an AI as best as its confused little processor can manage.

The film starts with a random assortment of people carrying assault rifles and no helmets in some gray-and-brown looking facility just walking around. Then they apparently get attacked.

Then we get thrown into a room with a bunch of people who all seem to know or suspect what is happening and where they are but don't say what it is or where they are. At no point in the film was this ever explained or shown in any way to this point.

For unclear reasons, the elderly black man keeps picking a fight with the personality-less Russian guy, and they are REPEATEDLY engaging in physical fighting. Like, it gets to a point of being laughable how often they are pointlessly wrestling each other for no clear reason. The dialogue indicates they are in an underground bunker in Area 51 and the power is out because the lights flickered, indicated they are on generator power.

The personality-less Russian guy says that what happened this morning to them didn't actually happen to them. This makes no sense and plays no role at all in the film, at least insofar as I could ascertain. Also, the lieutenant, Gail, has at least 2 hallucinatory trips or nightmares for no reason which ultimately play no role in the film at all.

Then, one of the survivors of the group that appeared in the first scene rushed into the room they're in. He finds out that Gail is infected, or rather WE find out she's infected because no mention is made by either of them of any sort of infection or illness or anything that might indicate zombies or vampires or anything of the sort. This guy just knows that she's "sick" and has to be quarantined from the others.

Later on, the elderly black man finds her, and her eyes are glowing like lights. She then transforms into the alien boogin thing, and kills him.

Then, the guy who had quarantined her comes back, finds out personality-less Russian guy is also infected, and tries to kill him in a hamfisted attempt that easily backfires. Personality-less Russian guy then squeezes on the guy's hand, bringing him to the ground, and apparently breaks his wrist, and this... somehow kills the guy.

Him and the remaining woman, Hanna, then flee, and find that the facility is overrun by aliens that look like Marvel's Venom with glowing eyes. They try to escape, and at some point I lost focus on what was even happening.

It culminated in Hanna being alone, hearing voices and jazz music in the halls, then being knocked out and dragged across the floor by an alien, where she has a flashback to that "morning" where she was in the car with her daughter, stupidly turned her head back to look at the daughter for a full minute, and got hit by another car as a result.

Later on, she ends up in a hospital somehow, and the doctor says her daughter is there to see her, and SHOCKING TWIST, her daughter is as old as she is now.

I have no idea how they even got to that place, and would've been completely left in the dust if not for the movie description mentioning time travel. The movie itself at no point showed any sort of time travel nor any hint of it up until that point.

Reviewed by gliderguy 2 / 10

Disjointed plot with flat characters

This is a sort of zombies meet aliens film which made very little sense. I debated bailing after 10 minutes, but I kept think it would improve - it didn't. The characters were totally flat and lacked credibility. Technically this had nothing to do with Area 51 save for a intro shot of Groom Lake (it wasn't - you can see high tension power lines on the horizon).

Reviewed by james-971 4 / 10

One bad apple

I watched The Making of Alien Domicile before watching the actual movie. As an Indie Film maker myself, I like to see what other's come up with no matter how bad the reviews are. This one has some terrible reviews.

Surprisingly, this movie has many very good elements going for it; The cinematography at times is as good as it gets. The camera work, lighting, and composition at time does truly stand out. Very good work.

The acting is, for the most part, believable. Considering what the cast was given to work with, I think they all gave very good performances.

The musical score is on par with most indie films. Nothing special here but good enough to not be bad.

The sound seemed good enough. Nothing stood out as being bad,, and that's a good thing.

Now, here is where the movie fails. It's a typical story that is played out over and over again in the world of indie film making. It seems to almost always happen that there is one guy on in the production who thinks he has skill and talent to do certain critical jobs just because he is probably the guy who put up the money. It's the guy who thinks he wrote a compelling story simply because he wrote it and will be paying to make the film. It's the guy who edits a movie just because he thinks he can without ever considering that editing is more than just stringing the shots together. ,,, and it's the guy who thinks he has the ability to direct a movie set while telling a story and giving reason to the actors only because, again, he is the one paying to make the movie... In the case of Alien Domicile, that person is Kelley Schwartz. He ruined his own film by thinking he had the talent to handle most of critical creative elements himself. My complements to him for putting together a talented cast and crew. They did not let the production down. It's just too bad that he did. In my opinion, his lack of skill and talent let them all down. As a said, it's the very common story of one man's ego getting in the way of what could otherwise have been a movie worth watching and, for the cast and crew, a movie worth being a part of..... I could see what he was trying to do... It's just too bad he didn't have the chop to pull it off.

I want to also mention the special make up effects. In my opinion, the alien in the movie is well designed and constructed. I was impressed when I first saw the actor wearing the suit in the behind the scenes documentary. Nicely done. It's just too bad that the director didn't know how to shoot a man in a rubber suit. He exposed too much of it and he chose bad camera angles. In the end, it ended up looking like a guy in a rubber monster suit.. If he would have allowed the DP to do his job and if he had a good editor (instead of himself) then the alien would have been something memorable.

I recommend this movie to other indie film makers only as a case study. To the average audience member, sorry, but you probably won't like this one.

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