Alien Predator


Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 6 / 10

Decent sci-fi horror with a bit of grue.

The young American tourists in Spain encounter lethal alien lifeforms that were brought to Earth by Apollo 14 then tested on animals aboard SkyLab.But SkyLab has now crashed to Earth and the aliens have survived,infect the locals and messily killing them.The trio of young people pick up a NASA scientist who has to get an antidote to a nearby laboratory."Alien Predator" was one of the very first horror films I have seen as the kid.That's why I can't give it a negative rating,even though the pace is lethargic and the gore is kept to minimum.However the film is suitably dark and atmospheric and offers a few creepy moments.The acting is decent and the characters are likeable.6 out of 10.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 4 / 10

Strangely horrible vacation.

Three American students Damon, Michael and Samantha are on vacation in their RV in Spain. But it's far from relaxing, when everyone they encounter in the sleepy village seems to be acting weird and they come across a NASA scientist who claims the town has been infected by aliens, and soon they would follow the same fate. The only cure is found in a secret underground storage depot, and time is running out for them.

The idea was there, however the money wasn't and the execution could use a finer tune up. Writer / Director Deran Sarafian's film "The Falling" AKA "Alien Predator" seems to cop a real shellacking, however I didn't mind it. I don't think it was the pits, but there's no way this trash is good either. Due to its limited scope, everything looks kind of bare, but I thought it was well conceived to keep it taut, claustrophobic and very foreboding. The Spanish countryside perfectly presented an eerie and isolated air. Everything seems to be building on mood and atmosphere, maybe not on purpose but the stark photography, dim lighting and the infectiously dreary score lend to it largely. However there's no denying how inane and silly this outing eventually turns out to be, especially after some effective build-ups (like the opening to the film). The fragmented story is a complete mess and truly baffling. It has many sub-plots to feed off, but very little sees daylight. Yeah, certain things had me going "What on earth?" quite a bit. Sometimes it would seem to stall too much that you end up wishing a little more did happen, and the haggard script can get rather overbearing. This goes for the token romance mush. What's really unconvincing has got to be the rubber beasties (at first you think it might be a virus/parasite) that finally make it in towards the end, but before that lousy letdown the potent gore FX leading up to it comes off really well with its grisly splatter. Sarafin's direction is very downbeat, with some minor flourishes of imagination and dumb jolts. The conclusion was a neat touch. Dennis Christopher, Martin Hewitt and the perky Lynn-Holly Johnson were surprisingly enjoyable, if quite overstated with the flimsy characters. Luis Prendes is unintentionally laughable due to how seriously deadpan he goes about his NASA scientist. A real no brain, low budget helping… oh yeah. The final product could've been far worse though. Or am I getting soft?

Reviewed by aaronmocksing1987 10 / 10

$79.99 in Canada? lolwut on box.

I'm rather surprised this movie has received poor reviews. Out of every movie I've posted something about on, this is a movie I want to cherish very much so - and would like to see it again, in better (MUCH better, please) quality - on VHS or DVD. I managed to pick this up again at Ye Olden Days Dos Palos California rental store, and god knows who on Earth owned this previously or what compelled it to get in the hands of mine. Rest assured, it was well worth the quarter I bought it for. For whatever reason, the enormous box it came in said that this movie is worth it's eighty dollars in Canadian money... but to me, it's gotta be at least five dollars in this day and age.

I loved the title. It may say 'Alien Predators', and while the title may be a jab at it's competitors at the same time, it actually does contain a little bit of each. Maybe even 'The Thing', if you think hard on it. Three pals on a trip to Spain come to the land to enjoy some partying out and kicking back for some good times (stay tuned for a very spot-on Rod Serling impersonation by the suave main lead), only to realize there's been a hostile takeover... from aliens! For reasons I am not able to record because of the shoddy television set I was using to play it, they are contractible little buggers feeding off of the humans in the town. As such, the whole place is infected.

There is only one survivor, someone from NASA, played by a very slow-talking Russian who requires the aid of the Scooby Gang to not only find the cure - but spare themselves before it spreads. The army's already moved in fast and has blocked off the only exit. For no readily apparent reason, there is a dumpster truck of Doom that seems to follow them around... with all the excitement of the Flammable Monstertruck from 'Duel' chasing them around. It culminates in an epic roller-coaster chase with one of the dudes fighting him off in a dune buggy all over the town streets. Quite like 'The Italian Job', though considering the action I was seeing all over the place, it might as well be something like 'Vigilante 8' or 'Twisted Metal'.

Unfortunately, after the Russian guy is infected (for reasons I dunno, but considering that he talked at a snail's pace next to Dennis's wisecracking awesomeness, this was for the best), so they must travel on. Unfortunately, despite the army and our heroes's best efforts... it's not only affected the next town over, but Dennis Christopher as well. The ending is deliciously morbid, and I, for one, loved every minute of it.

Please release this again but in a way where I can actually see something not entirely enshrouded in darkness (this goes for you too, Mutant - Jesus, the whole thing is shot in pitch BLUE and BLACK), so I can enjoy this movie once again.

Those who said they didn't like this movie were obviously the ones who grew up watching kiddie movies while all the awesome people loved the horror ones.

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