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Angus Macfadyen as The Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by booboobob-13673 10 / 10

Not your average horror film.

I will not spoil this film. I REFUSE to spoil this film. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this at Nightmares Film Festival a couple of years ago and I haven't stopped talking about this film since. It's AMAZING.

The fact that so much fear can be produced with three characters and a dog just astounds me. And the filmmakers infused this UTTERLY horrifying film with a tenderness that throws you off-guard.

If you get a chance to catch this film, take that chance. You will never regret it.


Reviewed by phantasmda 3 / 10

When will this tired trope die?

This film is like a cheap version of Hostel but with really thick central characters.

It wouldn't have been half bad had the main protagonists have had an ounce of common sense. It's one of those films where the movies villain does bad things to the movies protagonists and they in turn get several chances to kill said villain, completely have him at thier mercy and....They...(yawns) run away and leave him to get up and come after them.

Seriously, they're so dumb it leaves you smacking your forehead every few minutes. There are weapons, knives and blades, hammers, axes and yet they just run past them and leave them lying around. They just do the stupidest things that are completely unbelievable and it ruins any chance the film has of being enjoyable.

There's a bit of blood and gore here and there and it's well enough made for what is obviously a low budget production and there is a pretty cool twist at the end if you manage to get that far into it.

But this tired trope of having horror movie characters presented with the movies villain lying motionless on the floor, with plenty of weapons around, only to run away and let him get back up again, needs to die. Just finish him off already, is it too much to ask?

Reviewed by moviefansme 7 / 10

Wrong doctor, wrong hospital

Creepy as all hell. A+ for set decoration and medical paraphernalia. Three main characters, one very extensive location, the claustrophobia is suffocating. The ending shows it's all even worse than you thought!

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