2020 [KOREAN]

Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 1270

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by takerutenkuji 8 / 10

The only complain I had it this movie felt a bit too short.

Absolutely decent movie but felt like it's getting overlooked because of the fact that it's only releasing on Korean cinemas & also the fact that Peninsula, a disappointing sequel covering up this hidden gem.

The movie is really intense & hold u back against your seat for sure. Absolutely smart with the technology gimmick but could have use more of that. Character-wise, also great.

Reviewed by arungeorge13 6 / 10

It definitely ain't the best zombie flick you'll see, but there's some fun to be had! [+59%]

I'll admit that the posters for #Alive had gotten the zombie-movie fanatic within me pretty excited. The urban setting, the spectacular make-up effects, the 'few survivors vs. a massive zombie horde' storyline, and the use of modern-day gadgets - I was quite enticed by these factors. #Alive has a fantastic first act - it's all Yoo Ah-in until then, and of course, the gratifying zombie chaos taking place around his apartment complex. Add some food-related FOMO to that and we have an interesting bunch of scenes stitched together.

As expected, not much is detailed about the outbreak except for the basics - these zombies are fast, cannibalistic, and attack in hordes. Things change around the 40-minute mark with the entry of a female survivor (played by Park Shin-hye) who lives across the complex in another building. Hereafter, the cliches start to pile up. They develop a vibe, a couple of walkie-talkies are conveniently found, and they even end up saving each other at different instances. Yet, it's the predictably bland final act that makes #Alive a middle-of-the-road effort.

The set-pieces are all racy, hair-raising, and effective, even if one feels tempted to revisit and question how certain scenes play out. With a highly animated zombie mob hot on the trail of the protagonists from start to finish, the action has a well-choreographed feel to it. #Alive, when viewed as a quarantine film in the year 2020, can also send a message across to people that all hope is never lost and personal battles can eventually be won.

Reviewed by maarcoscisterna 8 / 10


The truth if you think it is like Train to Busan, it is not of this type. It is a lighter film, but also very innovative since its plots are very different. He has a very good actor, since he is the one who deals the most with the film. As always, Park Shin Hye's vibe adds a great contribution, I love this actress. And regarding zombies, the truth is that they are disturbing in a way and if I can consider this movie a little more morbid, you can even see how zombies take their bodies to eat them with others! The only downside is that sometimes you think, How come zombies don't attack them right away? Well, it is a movie and the protagonists must fight to survive. Just think of it this way and enjoy, because it's a great movie. From beginning to end.

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