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Reviewed by Prismark10 3 / 10

All Coppers Are...

All Coppers Are... comes across as a slice of life kitchen sink drama of the 1960s. Only it was made in the early 1970s after the worldwide student protest movement of the late 60s.

This was the time when Carry On producer Peter Rogers who also produced this movie started to rebel against the swinging 60s to become a bit of a reactionary.

Set in Battersea. Young policeman Joe (Martin Potter) is married with a baby but gets to have a bit of fun with flighty Sue (Julia Foster) who he met at a party. Joe neglects to mention that he is married and a policeman.

Joe also befriends petty crook Barry (Nicky Henson) who he confesses to about his marital status but no his job.

Barry is also attracted to Sue and they become a couple when they find out more about Joe. Barry is also planning a cigarette warehouse robbery, if only he drove a less conspicuous car. You just know Barry's heist will go wrong and he will come face to face with Joe.

This is story with a thin plot. It was obviously inspired by the French New Wave but it lacks a ballsy approach.

The film's open ended conclusion does it no favours. The protest scene although well filmed seemed to be about nothing apart from young radicals wanting to have a punch up with coppers. It just highlights that the wrong people were involved in the movie as it had no social commentary. Their sympathies were with Barry, being a copper is a hard and dangerous life.

It needed genuine leftist filmmakers to show that times are changing.

Reviewed by malcolmgsw 4 / 10

Dont expect subtlety from the Carry On team

You wonder if Peter Rogers was aiming at something like Up The Junction.If so he fails miserably.In fact most of which the film portrays was the province of television.Really pretty pointless.

Reviewed by crumpytv 5 / 10

Villainy Up the Junction

This has the feel of the Sweeney and Up the Junction rolled into one, but doesn't really work.

The poster is a real spoiler. It depicts what is going to happen and makes it obvious the way the storyline is going to go.

Julia Foster talks and acts working class, but has a different outfit in every scene.

It's watchable, but nothing more.

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