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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barbell_28 10 / 10

When life is hard, listen to Blind Melon.

Well, it has been quite the wait for this, as a long time fan of Blind Melon, I have read the Greg Prato book on more than one occasion, and it talked about these film that were floating about, now here they are for the world to see. The filmakers had quite a task muddling through hours and years of footage shot by Shannon over the course of time and upon watching this film i was left feeling robbed, not because the film was anything less than amazing, it was because i watched the rise and unfortunate fall of one of the most talented and honest artists of our generation. Blind Melon are in my opinion one of the most underrated bands of all time. Seeing this film made me laugh, sing, cry and just shake my head wondering what could have been. This is a must see, own and cherish for any fan. Spread the word. Play your friends the Soup album and let it change their lives. RIP Shannon Hoon.

Reviewed by clarkenuttall 10 / 10


A truly unique and tragic look in to the mind and life of an underrated musician . This really is a time capsule of the 90's before technology took over . As a Blind Melon fan this was heartbreaking to watch , he was an incredible person.

Reviewed by raiderdan-48491 5 / 10

This movie should have been told better.

I'm a big Blind Melon fan and Shannon Hoon was an amazing musician, but non-stop amateur video does not tell the story. I suppose I am glad that somebody went through the trouble of putting this on tape but they needed to be more introspective about it. This movie fell flat for me. It almost caught me in moments then just lost focus. Too bad, because the story is amazing.

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