All My Friends Hate Me


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 175

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by j-archila 5 / 10

Larry David effect

A guy who doesn't get it or cannot read the temperature in the room effect. Plot was well intentioned, but poorly developed, but minimally paid off, unlike Curb Your Enthusiasm. I kept waiting for the film to actually start, but my iphone battery and I were so relieved for it to end. If and any development was slow or incomplete. The intended humor scenes barely let out a grunt. I get the premise of uncomfortable and awkwardness, but the execution flailed. Yes, fiancée nails it in the end, but by then it's way to late for this poor pay off. Don't waste your time, much better work out there. I was very close to walking out of the theatre, but to each their own.

Reviewed by buffyfan713 1 / 10


I feel like I watched a different movie than other reviewers. I felt disconnected from the story throughout the film. There wasn't enough development for me to care about any of the characters; exempt maybe the lead. The plot was weak and uninteresting. Maybe it's British humor that just isn't my cup of tea, but I didn't find any humor in the scenes that were supposed to be funny.

If I'm still thinking of or talking about this movie after tonight it won't be in a positive way.

Reviewed by kirstycam-84365 10 / 10


Absolutely loved this film, Stourton is great lead, you're with him every step of the way. Great balance of awkward comedy and extreme tension. Will keep you gripped!

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