All My Puny Sorrows



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 92

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Alison Pill as Yoli
Sarah Gadon as Elf
Donal Logue as Jake
Mare Winningham as Lottie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Blue-Grotto 8 / 10

Letting Go of Grief, or Not

Sometimes letting go of grief is worse than the grief itself, for in letting go we risk losing this part of our true selves and our life experience. In other words, punting the ball down the field does not help in dealing with and defeating what ails the psyche. We must grapple with it and pull through.

Sisters Yoli and Elf struggle to deal with the depression and doubt that plagues their family and lives. Suffering seems to be inherited for them. Elf, a concert pianist, tried to kill herself and intends to try again. Yoli attempts to convince her sister to stay alive, but Yoli is not a model of healthy living herself and faces a nearly impossible task. Society conspires against the sisters too in that its focus is on shame and profits rather than truth and healing. There is hope for the sisters, and others in the same boat, in that life is always teaching lessons, and there is so much to learn, and so much that is beautiful.

All My Puny Sorrows is moody and emotional like its characters. There are sudden shifts in focus. For all the dark moments, there are others full of light and laughter. At times the actors struggle with the heavy themes around depression and suicide, but the authenticity of the story shines through such faults. I treasured the reasons for living that Yoli found in this heartfelt and candid story. "I used to wake up in the morning singing," said Yoli. If only we all could do more things like this. And quote more poetry. Awareness replacing ignorance, empathy for others over convenience, and truth before profit and fear. Watching Yoli, Elf, and their loved ones deal with the grief gives me hope for the world. We are supposed to help each other after all.

World premiere seen at the Toronto international film festival. Film based on a novel by Miriam Toews.

Reviewed by steiner-sam 9 / 10

A brilliantly sad movie with depth and humor

It's a modern drama based in East Village and Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Toronto, Ontario, about two sisters, one of whom is suicidal. It's an adaptation of Miriam Toews' 2014 novel of the same title.

In the movie's opening, we see the suicide of the two sisters' father, Jake Von Riesen (Donal Logue). We are introduced to Elf (Gabrielle Jennings/Sarah Gadon), an accomplished concert pianist who suffers from deep depression. She is married to Nic (Aly Mawji), a loving and devoted husband. Her sister, Yoli (Marin Almasi/Alison Pill), was a wild child who left a marriage after 16 years. She's in a loveless relationship with an uptight lawyer, Alex Finbar (Michael Musi), and has a bright but mouthy teenage daughter, Nora (Amybeth McNulty). Yoli is a novelist that has experienced limited success and won't tell anyone about her latest manuscript. And then there is Lottie, Elf's and Yoli's mother (Mare Winningham), who is a plain-spoken realist still rooted in her conservative Mennonite community.

The film primarily follows the relationship of the two sisters within the larger family structure, with flashbacks to earlier times that include their father. Throughout the film, Yoli struggles to extract hope from her sister, but Elf has too often seen hope in the morning transition to despair in the afternoon. Finally, the resolution has truth and reality etched within it.

This is a brilliantly sad movie. The humor that helps Yoli (and Miriam Toews) survive all that life throws at her is well embodied in the film. Lottie survives with less humor but a more profound sense of a reality that can leave the pain behind. Lottie's character seems unrealistic, but all I've heard about the "real" Lottie suggests the portrayal was accurate.

I really liked the novel when I read it; my only question about the film is whether viewers unfamiliar with the book might find the storyline somewhat confusing.

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