All That Glitters

2010 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 6.0 10 2479

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Sabrina Ouazani as Sandra

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Reviewed by leplatypus 10 / 10

Zenshine (Screen)

As a fan of Leila and finding Geraldine Nakache as the good surprise from "Coursier", it was granted that I would buy my ticket for their meeting.

This movie is depicted as a comedy but for me, it's rather a drama or an acute analysis of commuters' life near Paris, common people whose live doesn't give extras.

Thus, the movie is plain right when it deals with the schizophrenia of the duo: they dream of easy life with money but their roots are fundamental and they have to do the best of what they got in their hands. It's a lesson of wisdom, nearly a zen teaching.

The key moment of the movie for me is when Geraldine stares at her boxes and start to built a life from there. I wish I could find this same spirit because wherever I lived, my small town, Paris, I never felt at home.

I was also moved by her dreamy, introverted mood and the bond she makes with the child of their friend, because I lived this. Her father speaks volume without any words: amazing!

On the other hand, I was under the charm of Leila as usual and it was difficult to see her running against wall.

I also noticed the excellent play of Mrs Ledoyen, which is maybe nourished from her real life.

So, I remember to have felt strange going out of the theater: a bit at peace, a bit sad. This is the same spirit I have now writing this review. For me, it's a sort of french "American X", because in its real life, almost documentary setting, i found a wonderful, unforgettable movie that resonates with my most profound feelings.

Reviewed by mennito 9 / 10

an astute look at a slice of French society

presented at the French film Festival in Wellington, this film portrays a slice of contemporary society in France. 50 years after the independence of North African countries, children and grand children of immigrants have integrated into a wider context.

There is no story line as such, rather a sequence of mini events in the life of two friends, with two socially opposite Parisian suburbs as a backdrop: the affluent Neuilly and its modest counterpart Puteaux. This polarity enables some misunderstandings about who lives where adding an amusing touch to the mural.

Brilliant acting from both Leila Bekhti and Geraldine Nakache (also the director) Virginie Ledoyen is impeccable albeit in a supporting role.

Reviewed by santiagocosme 7 / 10

French are funny.

I really believe that french movie makers have a flair for comedies. I can honestly think of more movies that made me laugh from frogsland that any other country in the world. This one tells the tale of two girls who live in the suburbs and dream of mixing it up with the elite. They manage somehow to introduce themselves in that circle while hiding their real identity. As a result they have to come up with many spontaneous responses to not get unmasked. Some of the situations are hilarious. So if you are bored at home, and don't know what to watch after a hard day a work, this french girly movie will be perfect for you! Otherwise try Les Bronzes, Les Bronzes font du ski, Les Kairas, and many many others...

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